No cats vs. High flow cats

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  1. I'll just put it this way, only Ford Motor CO. has the legal authority to void their factory warranties, in which even dealerships are required to follow Ford's warranty policy.

    Although I'm by no means, a legal expert. I've done my share of research on this topic for nearly 3 years since becoming a member of this website. And I can tell you through personal experience, that I've spoken with 2 different field service engineers who have confirmed time and time again, that a dealership has only the legal authority to refuse to service a vehicle under a warranty claim, however as I mentioned before. Only Ford itself, has the legal authority to void their factory warranties.

    That being said, if a certain dealership wants to be such a bone head when it concerns customers modifying their cars. Then just walk away, and find another dealership, that's willing to work with you, and NOT against you.

    It's really just as plain and simple, as that :flag:
  2. You just repeated exactly what I said. I said that the dealer does not void your warranty, but they can refuse warranty work, after which you either have to go to another dealer, or go higher up the chain with Ford.
  3. I also clearly stated, that unless the aftermarket part is directly related for causing the warranted parts in question to fail. Not even Ford dealerships have the legal authority in refusing to service a vehicle under a warranty claim.

    Once again, case in point. Dealerships cannot refuse to fix a shaker 500 under warranty, just because you happen to have an aftermarket mid-pipe, or a cold air intake sitting under the hood !
  4. Right, but they can make claims that the part caused other malfunctions, wether they did or not, and refuse to service it. LIKE IS SAID, at this point you would have to either go somewhere else, or fight it by going higher up. They can say no to any repair that they want, what are you going to do about it, put a gun to the guys head and say "fix it"? No, you will threaten them with legal action and go somewhere else. NO they cannot void your warranty, LIKE I SAID, buy YES, the CAN make it more difficult for you than if you hadn't had the aftermarket part. I have seen dealers refuse warranty work from things as stupid as a catback before. I had a dealer refuse to warranty a transmission problem for me once because they suspected that I "had a chip and drove the car too hard". I took it to another dealer, who fixed it with no problem. I also have a friend who I went to school with (where I got my degree in automotive technology) who is a tech at a GM dealer who warrantied a blown trans in a GTO that had dragstrip numbers in the window and ET streets. So I will repeat it again, they cannot VOID your warranty, but they CAN, if they are that type of people, make it more difficult for you to get your car fixed. ANd I didn't ask the question about people having had their car's serviced because I am afraid of "warranty voiding", I asked because I don't want the INCONVIENIENCE of having to go somewhere else, or even argue with a dip**** service rep. I'm sure if they refused to service my car, I could convince them otherwise once I made it clear that I know my rights and no the car as well (the only reason I even would have them fix it is because it has a warranty), but it is still an annoyance. Now, if I have a cool service manager, then there's no problem. Now I am done with this pointless argument, all you care to do is repeat the same point over and over, and it is completely irrelevant anyway. If you don't have any NEW information to contribute towards the subject of this thread, then don't bother. I have the answers I need anyway, I am pretty sure I know what I am going to buy now. End of discussion on warranty claims.

    Now, does anyone have expereince with the quality of the Pypes X pipe? I wonder if it has the same issues as their H pipe?

  5. Let's get something straight once and for all, it was you that repeated the same damn questions over and over again, in the first place. In which I provided an answer 4 different times. Therefore if you had bothered to read in between the lines, and was able to fully comprehend them. It wouldn't had been necessary to repeat my same points, over and over again to begin with.

    That being said, it was you that came into this forum seeking advice, in which I did my very best to provide you with both feedback and support. However if you're unable to either comprehend or appreciate the advice you've been provided with.

    Then don't even bother coming into this website, asking for support in the first place.

    As I have much better things to do, than to waste my time getting into a pointless argument with some hypocrite who's both very inconsiderate, and disrespectful.

    And just who in the hell are you, to give an ultimatum to a senior member of this website. As you neither have the privilege, nor the authority to tell anybody as to whether they can, or cannot contribute to this, or to any other thread for that matter NEWBIE.

    Although it was you that provoked this pointless argument to begin with, I'll be ending it once and for all. As you sure have a lot of damn nerve to accuse me of any wrong doing, TROLL !!!

    End of discussion, permanently :lock:
  6. I never accused you of wrongdoing, just that you only repeated the same thing, as if I was arguing with that point, when I basically agreed with it every time. I have taken all of the advice that has been given to me in this thread, but NO advice was given about my question. I posted it 3 times because it was not answered an of those three. I asked if anyone had had their car serviced with this part in place, you did'nt say that you have untill the third time that you posted on that subject, you simply stated the law about warranties each time, which did not answer the question. And how did I provoke an argument, you tried to answer my question with information that neither answered it or was completely accurate, and I tried to explain to you why it was not correct, hoping to get an answer to my question, which I finally did after your third or fourth answer... That is not provoking an argument. And I was not giving you an ultamatum either, nor did I tell you not to CONTRIBUTE to this discussion. Carrying out an irrelevant argument is not contributing. I was just trying to and this argument because of the fact that it is pointless and obbviously prevents any tech from comming out of this thread anymore. I'm sorry that I offended you, I guess you just cannot accept it if someone disagrees with you, so I'll just say you're right, you win, and thank you for the truely insightful information. There, better?

    And for the record, you DID answer all of my other questions, or at least contribute to the discussion about the difference between the different mid pipes, so thanks for that information, as you helped me decide what to do if I decide I need high flow cats. If you'll notice, the only issue that we had was with the stupid warranty argument.
  7. Uhh this thread is a train wreck. :lol:
  8. It's not that I cannot accept somebody disagreeing with me, but it's how that disagreement is interpreted. If it's directed in a positive and constructive manor, then it's a win-win situation in which everyone can benefit from.

    IMO what I believe took place, was that we both ended up getting our signals crossed, which was responsible for causing this entire mess from the very beginning.

    At any rate, what's important, is that we finally recognized the problem and were able to straighten everything out.

    In the meantime, thanks for taking the time to clear all this up. :nice:
  9. Yeah, that seems about right. My responses to you at each point weren't really put in a context that seemed positive, and neither were yours, so I guess that kinda makes it seem to each of us like the other one is arguing, when really it was more like an exchange of information and neither of us said the other one was wrong at each step. I guess we need to make our intentions more clear next time, eh?

    In any case, if everything is ok now then great :nice:
  10. Great setup Ive been waiting to see is an O/R H and the old school SLP LM1's , weld them into the stock piping with some 4" tips! NO ONE has done this yet and im on the verge of trying ...
  11. Everything is fine, Urban :nice:
  12. I ordered an offroad X pipe from Brenspeed on tuesday at lunch time, and got it wednesday. Now that's service! I decided on an X because I really like the tone in the videos I've seen of the X with violators combo. I was a little worried that it'd be too loud for me, but I decided taht I'm never one to dislike a loud car, so what the hell. I plan to install it sunday. Brenspeed has the Pypes kit to add cats to their midpipes, it is two high flow cats and clamps, and has a template to cut out a piece of the pipes and the cats clamp in. He says they make it much quieter than an offroad, but still louder than stock, so I figure that if I think it is too loud, or I get sick of it down the road, I'll order that kit. It's $150, but that's cheaper than selling it and buying a Bassani X.

    So anywho, after sunday expect my impressions on the offroad X pipe.

    Edit: I wanted to add, apaprantly the X pipe and H pipe from pypes both have the same downtubes, just the actually X or H is different. That being said, I bet if I ever change muffler or get sick of the X pipe sound, I could probably get just that H piece for less money than a whole new setup and run that. It's pretty cool actually, you almost have more freedom to try out different things. Because what it comes down to is that you can watch all the clips in the world, the onmly way to be truely happy is trial and error. From what I've seen, I love the tone that the violators have with the offroad X pipe, despite having disliked X pipes with other mufflers. But if I turn out to hate it, I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard on the wallet to switch it to an H pipe.
  13. When I went from stock h-pipe to high flow cat x-pipe, it sounded a little better. When I went from that to off road x-pipe, I feel in love with my car again. My dealer never said a word about the pipe. I never felt a differnce with the pipe though.