No Hill Assist

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  1. My 2013 manual transmission GT does not have hill assist for some reason. No check engine light, but I have not checked for any DTC's. Is there a way to turn it on or off? I don't need the hill assist per se, but I am just concerned because it never has worked. Bought the car brand new with 6 miles on it.
    Also, is there any form of skip shift in the 13's? I don't have any skip shift.
  2. The Hill Assisst control works when the car is in first gear and your foot is on the brake. Once you release the brake pedal, the rear brakes hold for a few seconds to allow you to not roll back while switching pedals to the gas and clutch. Once you touch the clutch pedal, the system releases. So, if you are pushing the brake and clutch at the same time the system will not turn itself on.

    I also wonder if the Tracrtion Control is off, if the Hill Assisst would also not operate.
  3. I tested it out the other day when pulling the car into my storage unit. There is rather steep bump to get past the door and in 1st the car will roll back...i dont daily drive it tho. Going to have the car out all weekend, I will keep testing it...

  4. I finally got it to work. Apparently its not the best system if you really have to try to get it to work. Mine seems to be intermittent... But yeah, this thread can be closed if necessary.
    Thanks for the information everyone.
  5. No skip shift. :)
  6. Hill assist is what the hand brake is for.
  7. Hill assist was such a novel idea when it came out that I never felt I needed. As a matter of fact, I kind of stumbled into it one day when stopped on an incline. I thought there was something wrong going on, then I put two and two together and thought to myself, I still don't need it. :shrug:
  8. Hill assist in Indiana? :scratch:
  9. yup....troll