no rebate on 04??

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by oogtdude, Dec 8, 2003.

  1. i thought the rebate was all 04`s?..anywho i have a purchase and sales agreement for an 04 msrp 29k...i just got off the phone with a dealer in the next state..and they will give me an 04 cobra for 32k even..without rebate///should i or??
  2. thats less than i got my 03 in ripped on mine. i think like32,200 for mine with x plan i should have waited an went out of state.
  3. just hold off until the 05 model comes out, people are waiting for them so the 04's will set on the lot for a while, ford was giving good rebates on 03's cause they were not selling like they wanted, just wait and see what ford gives when the 05's come out and the 04's are stuck on the lots.
  4. Yeah man. Just wait. The Ford dealers are not going to get rid of the 2004 Cobras anytime soon.
  5. Hay man, that's one heck of a price for that car. If it's really what you want, get it.

  6. I agree, as I'm also looking into new Cobras. There are 30+ Ford SVT dealers around the Metro Detroit and suburbs with a total of 138 '03 Cobras between them... There are roughly 40 Coupes in colors I like. The first one to make me an offer I can't refuse... well 'nuff said :)