NON TECH: Look what came the past 2 days!

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by yellow1995Cobra, Dec 7, 2003.

  1. I know this is off topic, but i figured you southern guys might like to see this.. We got hit by a pretty huge nor easter.. heres some pics.

    This one is my mothers car lol

    This is the snow piled up against the window..

    And this one is taken through the back door.. To give you an idea, the window on the door is a good 4 feet up.. we could only get 1 of the 3 doors in our house open cause the snow was so deep.

    A good thing that came outa this was we tied some rope to my buddies truck last night and strapped on our snowboards and he pulled us around the streets, alot of fun :nice:
  2. :lol: sounds like you are from the deep south!!!!

    I can't wait for christmas. I get to go skiing right after!!!! 4 hour drive, but it's worth it.

    I hope you have a heated garage to park the stang. Thankfully we don't get any snow here.
  3. Yea i have a garage, heated via a propane heater :D

    Skiing/snowboarding is a blast, i cant wait to go this winter.
  4. :( i live in texas
  5. Haha, the weather is perfect here. Right now it's 72 degrees and sunny.
  6. :fuss: :damnit:
  7. :D Is that white stuff called snow :shrug:

    Texas here too :nice: Stop braggin about your snow, cause while all yall are snowed in guys like myself and 95snoozer will be out washing and waxing our cars in the sun :p
  8. Yeah but we don't have to drive ungodly distances to go snowboarding or have a snowball fight with the we don't have summers where you take a risk of heat stroke every time you walk outside! ;)
  9. See but the think about us Texans is we can handle both the exteme heat in the summer, and as cold as it can get...But here you go and talk about heat stroke if it goes over 80 ;)
  10. Good god that is freakin nuts. I have only seen snow once in all 19 years of my life. I cant even imagine that much snow. It was 71 and sunny yesterday here in so cal. Today its a little rain but still in the 60s. Yikes thats disturbing.
  11. what are you talking about it dosn't get cold in gets freakin hot though in the summer....i use to live there i rember seeing 115...but nothing much under 40 in the winter some times and night like once a year it got down in the high 20's...but thats not cold...cold is in michigan where it's -20
  12. Just wait...I'm in the UP of Michigan going to school. Where I am we get 25' of lake effect snow a year. I'll post up some pics in Feb. when were really loaded down! It's crazy up here.

  13. Well i went outside to shovel my moms car out, and realized that the snow is 4 feet deep there and that it would take all day... My buddy came by with his front end loader and took care of the whole front of my house, saves me and my dad many hours of shoveling :nice: