Noob Distributor/timing Question

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  1. Ok so I thought I was having issues w the distributor pick up so I ordered a new dizzy well it turned out to be the coil. But anyway I guess I'm gonna put it in the old one has over 300k miles on er and the housing or whatever u call it is cracked. So without further adieu here's my question: So the 95 gt that its going in has an sct chip and I'm uncertain where the timing is set. So before I install I check the timing and then when I install I stab it in at 10* at tdc and then set the timing to where it originally was? Or.... It'll just stab in at tdc and i set the timing where it originally was?? Man I think I just over thought it. Sorry guys
  2. Since you will be setting base ignition timing with the SPOUT connector disconnected, the SCT does not come into play. Get your engine to TDC compression stroke for number one cylinder. Stab your distributor so that it points to the number plug wire tower with the distributor's TFI module (or harness if it uses the remote mount module) pointed to a position that will allow you to adjust the distributor without interference. Get it started and warmed up then disconnect the SPOUT and set timing to ten degrees BTDC. When finished, plug in the SPOUT and you should be good to go.
  3. my worry I guess is I think the timing was advanced when I got the tune. I had to get a tune bc the computer wasnt working with the cam. So I don't wanna be at ten deg when all is put back together. So I guess I check and see where it is before I pull the old one? Or does the chip compensate for where it needs to be? I'm new to this kinda
  4. Most chips will alter timing through the computer. So your dizzy should be set at 10* because the chip advances the timing. So if you set it at 14* you basically add 4* to the chips calculations. Which is prob not a good idea.
  5. Yes, set it at 10 degrees. This is factory setting, which is most likely what the chip is based off of.

  6. Thanks guys