not just another hesitation need some help

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by 1wam1, May 6, 2011.

  1. new to the forums but reachin out for some help got a 98 svt. its got some motor work and runs pretty good but when it gets hot it hesitates in the upper rpms like 3500 and up but onle when hot like heat soaked hot and doent and never been overheated???any ideas looked around but couldnt find any forums with this problem im thinkin its the coils and needs a tune
  2. Any codes? Checked fuel pressure? If you have sct you can data log the car and email it to sct and let them clean up the tune for you
  3. No codes and I had checked the fuel pressure wen I got the car witch was a while ago and it was good cuz a buddy of mine thought it was the pump relay or the pump itself but it all checked out don't think it would be fuel cuz it would do it all the time . It only does it when its been driven for like an hour or two . Then its constant after 3500 up to 7 wen its cool it runs like a raped ape . Don't have a programmer or anything on it . All the basic are also good tho plugs, wires, filters , sensors no codes
  4. Just read a forum guy had similar problems but his was all the time cold or hot it ended up being one of his coils made in China iv got one to and the other is motorcraft . With 5500$ in motor work Wats a good aftermarket coil to use msd? Accel? ??? Don't want to spend 130 $ on stock coils and then need aftermarket if that's the problem..