Notch back for $400? Good deal?

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  1. Near my house there is a notch back 4cyl 'stang. Its for sale for $400 obo. It has the airbag, so I'm guessing it's after '90. The body is straight, it dosen't have any rust to speak of. (Colorado car.) The interior is a little rough. It's an auto. I tried to contact the seller, but no response yet. My thought was even if it dosent run, I could part the car out if I could'nt fix it and get at least my $400 back. I have a fox already, so I could use some parts. What do you guys think, would you go for it or no?:shrug:
  2. I'd pay $400 for it. :shrug:

    Not too far from my apartment there's a 2.3L/auto notch sitting beside an auto repair shop in the weeds and it's been there for months. I'm guessing the tranny blew up.

    I'm tempted to ask them how much they want for it, but I dunno if I really wanna deal with a 5 speed swap at the moment. :shrug:
  3. if it doesnt run I wouldnt buy it, unless it has something cool like an immaculate black tweed interior. then you could probably get your investment back.
  4. Ok, so I talked to the owners today and they said that it currently didn't run.(It's a '93) They said the last time that it did run that it made a horrible noise. So, I offered them $250. The lady called her husband and he said ok. I went down there with the keys that were given to me and the ignition wouldn't turn. I got ahold of the lady and she located a working set of ignition keys. After starting it, it made a LOUD poping noise. I looked under the hood and there was a spark plug hanging on the end of the wire! I went to checker and bought 4. (Forgot about the dual spark.:shrug:) Well after putting the plugs in, I started it and it idled fine, with no poping!!! Drove it home and on the way noticed that it hesitated on acceleration. Unpluged the maf and it ran better. Cleaned and plugged the maf back in. Runs great!!! The suspension sounds like it could use new bushings, but for $250 for a running 'stang, who am I to complain? Welcome home 'stang #3!!!!!:D
  5. :jaw: That's an awesome; good find. :nice:

    Is there a 5.0 and a TKO 500 in this cars future?
  6. That's an awesome deal!
  7. The thought crossed my mind.....:D
  8. VERY NICE! I love when deals like that work themselves out.
  9. I nearly lost control of my bowels when I realized that I had just purchased a running vehicle instead of a parts car.:eek:
  10. Great find, congrats :nice:
  11. congratulations. I paid 300 for mine b/c the owner couldnt keep it running. turned out to be a vacuum leak.