OBD2 conversion thread/ 95 GT ecm to 96F150 computer

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by 2002BLGT, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. more soldering
    getting there
    the car
    the hole
    the mostly finished harness
    wiring back in the hole
    harness back in the car , OBD2 wires left , only 6 more to go
  2. Looks good man I'm very tempted to do the same thing....
  3. I am waiting on Pat at Sniper to write a template for this particular hex code so that I can make a tune for it , its trying to start but wont because its not programmed for the 42 lbs injectors and Sniper MAF yet ......
  4. What is the box code, I most likely have a binary for it and if not I can pull it up in SCT and convert it ;) shhhh
  5. pmed ya
  6. hate to bring up an old thread but this is pretty interesting......Howd the car end up running? any problems or anything?
  7. PMed ya , did the swap , car has fuel and spark , but Sniper did not have a Template for the particular strategy of the PCM , so the guy that owns the car is having me go ahead with a standalone in the car now ....so I did alot of work for nothing LOL , the harness is on ebay if anybody is interested
    Item number: 320287524841
  8. Is the stock 95, five liter, Five speed computer still kicking about? I NEED one...
  9. long gone