Ohhh, **** look at my avatar!!

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  1. :rlaugh:

    That is good stuff, it says "founding member".
    Man do I feel ever so special! kinda powerfull to.

    ahhh, like the most of yah care. well [email protected] I care!
    so... :p

  2. Founding re-member of what?
  3. I am not really sure where or why it apeared. but I like it.
    Prolly just means I have been here a long time.
    but I like it better, than what I did have.

  4. Really, I mean you've got exactly 3,079 more posts(at this writing)than the 'Flusher does.
  5. the "Flusher"????
    3,000 posts?
    I see 1,000 something.

    Damn I am confused,
    dont hurt my simple mind.
  6. Found the keyboard :lol:
  7. Has something to do with join date, only people I've seen with it registered in '99 or '00.

  8. Hey I don't have founding member status!

    Course I already have a custom title.
  9. LOL, that might be your case there Red!

    Damn I guess I am not so special anmore. Ohh well, just a lil special will have to do.

    I havnt done anything exactly goofy or that stands out enough to get a special title.
  10. hey....me too...yippie skippy maybe one of these days ill get a custom title