Oil Dip Stick Tube Won't Go In

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by gnx547, Sep 17, 2013.

  1. I'm trying to get the oil dip stick tube in and it won't go in. I'm pushing it and and wiggling it and it won't go through. The tube is straight and the end is smooth and nothing blocking the hole. The motor is a 98 Explorer 5.0 and the dip stick tube is from a 94 GT. Is the dip stick tube on the Explorer motor different than the 90-95 5.0? I'm thinking it would be the same but I can't get the tube into the hole. In the pic, you can see the tube is not all the way in and I can't get it in any further. Any ideas?

  2. sorry, no help here. I've got an aftermarket pan with threaded tube end and have never had to swap out a stocker.
  3. Go to a JY and try and get the same model type.
  4. Take a hammer and something like a chisel to go on the lip of the tube. Gently tap it in to place and see if it starts going :shrug:
  5. dumb question. Is there an O ring or other restriction in the hole? Other than that, take some sandpaper and sand down the dipstick tube a little and spray some WD40 on it.
  6. There is no O ring at the end of the tube and the end is smooth and there is no restriction in the hole.
  7. lube the o ring and as stated above, check for the original o ring still being in the hole. The blocks are cast the same and the hole is in the same place. If you're doing this with the engine installed, it can be tricky. Patience and it will go. (can use the tap in place method if real careful).
  8. Ohh so there should be an O-ring? When I pulled out the dip stick from my old 5.0 engine, there was no O-ring. I will check the hole again and see if there is a O-ring inside.
  9. Now I don't remember. I'll have to look at mine... It may be a "pressure" fit to keep it from leaking. Either way, double check the hole for any obstructions. I know mine was a pita to install even on an engine stand. You had to hold your jaw just perfect to get it in. (that's what she said)
  10. No o-ring, it is a press fit. As Happy Gilmore once said "Tap it in"
  11. tap tap tap a roo. lol

    Anyway, it will go, just have to wiggle it around some. Maybe use some white lithium grease to lube it up a bit prior to install.