OK, dumb question... how to load grease gun?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Kerpal, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. Can someone tell me how to load a tube of grease into a regular lever-style grease gun? The one I bought didn't come with any instructions. When I opened it up everything popped out so I didn't see what order the pieces went in. There's two rubber "washers" with holes in the centers... where do these go? And I assume I should open the tube of grease at both ends? :shrug:
  2. You're supposed to pull back on the "T" handle at the butt end of the grease gun, its a hard pull because theres a stiff spring in there. You pull that back and then depending on the gun you either twist the handle or move the handle to the side to lock the handle in the fully extended position. For the tube of grease, take the plastic cap off the tube, that end goes in the gun then peel off the metal end cap thats exposed toward the pump side of the gun. Now thread the pump action end onto the part with the grease tube in it. Now unlatch the "T" handle you extended earlier and push it all the way back in. As for the washers you'll have to look the gun over closely because I've never seen that happen before.
  3. 1. Pull the rod out the bottom of the gun against the spring pressure and lock it into the notch.

    2. Unscrew the top off the grease gun.

    3. Remove the grease cartridge push on top and slide into the grease gun.

    4. At the open top of the grease gun pull the pop-top off the grease cartridge.

    5. Screw the top of the grease gun on tightly.

    6. Release the spring loaded rod at the bottom of the gun back up into the gun.

    7. Pump the gun until fresh grease squirts out.
  4. don't know about washers a picture will help but to load grease gun pull the t handle rod all the way back and lock in place with the flat lever at the base where rod enters . remove plastic cap and insert grease tube into cylinder slide grease tube to the bottom of cylinder then remove the aluminum tab and seal and place threaded cap with hose and handle on top of grease tube where you removed plastic cap push down and screw tight after its tight release the lever at base of cylinder where rod enters... done ready to grease.... if your grease gun does not have the lock tab you will have to pull rod and hold it back and insert tube as stated above without releasing until cap is screwed on....
  5. Thanks, got it now. :nice: