OK peeps got NEW DYNO NUMBERS TODAY!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by mustangfan1990, Apr 18, 2008.

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  1. ok I know what everyone is going to say...that thing wont last long and the stock bottom end wont hold up and I know all that so PLEASE spare me......But I say what it made. This is a thread just to share with you guys my joy or the power I made. Please dont post in here if you are going to talk **** about pro-dyno or my car. You can post what you like but please be respectful for I am with everyone else here :nice: ok anyway back to the good stuff.......my car made 540 rwhp and 523 rwtq. I have the dyno sheet and will take a pic prolly in the morning and post it. My car made 523 rwtq at 5000 rpms. and made 540 at 5500 rpms.....there is a catch though....well seems to be 3 problems. 1st my 42s injectors are NOT big enough and are at 100 duty cycle at 5500 rpms ( and thats with 2 255 lph fuel pumps)...2nd my stock igintion is going CRAZY around 5200.....and 3rd the stock bottom end is likely to blow. On my dyno sheet my HP curve is STILL CLIMBING at 5500 rpms like nobodies business but Dan wouldnt take it no far considering the power it was making.....but I am VERY HAPPY for a stock block 302 with a stock clutch and stock t-5 and stock gear.....:Track:
  2. thats awesome dude. i was talkin fuel with you earlier. how much power under boost can just one 255 lph handle
  3. thats a lot of power man, i think its awesome for a stock bottom end, how much psi are you pushing on that vortech
  4. 1 would be fine 500 rwhp
  5. @ 5500 it made 15 pounds
  6. Good numbers dude. Once you get everything sorted with the injectors and ignition you gotta get it to the track to see what it can do. Dyno numbers are cool, but timeslips prove them.
  7. Yeah I will I just want to get everything preped before I do. Rob said I should see 10's easy
  8. How much torque can a T5 take before it blows up? Nice numbers too!
  9. Your T-5 is going to hate you when you hit the track for the first time. Nice numbers though. Very impressive.
  10. ohhhh yeah I know...its already starting to hate me in 3rd a little grind but nothing major right now...oh well tremec 3550 will going in its place when my little t-5 goes to heaven. I got so much going through my mind that I am going to buy for this motor when I get the money. This thing will be easliy clearing 800 rwhp when I done :nice: only bad thing is though my s-trim only supports 680 so....................
  11. its a luck of the draw really...if you know how to drive I think you can make them last longer...I KNOW I KNOW no brainer
  12. those numbers are weak and your setup sucks!!!! Hahaha, I'm just kidding man. Seriously that is very nice and very impressive. I think you would be wise to not go over 5500 considering the stock short block, and you are already making great power to there anyway. Good job man.
  13. Life of the block just depends on how you drive it and how good the tune is. A friend of mine raced all summer on a 535hp turbo setup with a stock Explorer short block. That engine technically didn't even blow, it just bent a rod.
  14. The internals I am not too worried about...its the block that I am more worried about. It sucks knowing that the engine still has alot more left in it and I cant use it
  15. Those are sweet numbers. Look at it this way if the stock block goes...oh well it's a dime a dozen block not a $1500 motorsports one. The tranny yeah your right. I suggest looking into a Gforce conversion for the T5 or if you go the tremac route do the pro 50 kit in it. The 3550's dont like high RPM shifts! peace

  16. Impressive numbers. sounds like it would be real close to 600 rwhp on a normal 6200 shift with 60's. There have been plenty of people that have ran that kind of power for a a few years with no problems, just keep that in mind!
  17. I hope I took it 5500 for the first time on the street last night felt soooooo good lol
  18. Nice numbers!

    You t-5 is indeed going to hate you! If you get any traction in 3rd gear...look out! That's all it took for mine to go bye bye! It's not a matter of how well you shift, but rather how much load you put on it. A stock clutch and regular radial tires go a long way into making things last longer...but what fun is that?!?

    I'm now running a 3550 and it's been perfect!!! 6000+ rpm shifts are cake...and I'm now never worried about "when" the tranny is going to take a dump.

    A word of advise though..you may want to keep the shifts down below 6k unless you want your block in 2 pieces sooner than later. The high rpms combined with the extreme load is what tends to stress the block to it's limits. You can have a perfect tune and still easily split the block with less power.
  19. Nice numbers. Make sure to shoot me a pm when you take it to the track. I got to see that thing runs.
  20. thats insane. So when are you upgrading to 60lb injectors and msd ignition system?
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