Old time member looking for help: 1970 vs 1995

Which will handle better?

  • 1995 with upgrades

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  • 1970 with upgrades

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  • Both about the same after full upgrades.

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Jun 7, 2000
Tacoma, WA
I have been out of the Mustang scene since about '04, and now gettign back into it so figured I would visit the old stomping grounds in my search.

I am hoping some of you mustang guru's can offer some guidance. I am at a point where I am ready to start working on a project car. I recently drove a Miata and it reminded me how fun it can be rowing thru gears and throwing a car around corners. But who wants to drive a quiet and tiny miata!?

I want to make a street/touring monster and I want it to be a mustang. I want something that will carve decent without feeling like it will roll over and have torque/power to jump when I flick the throttle. Engine stuff is easy enough and I already have a plan that will work with both options below, but handling is an unknown to me.

I have a 1995 GT Vert already which was what I originally planned to do this project on. However I just had a 1970 Coupe pop up locally for a really good price and I have always wanted to do a project with a 1970 car for sentimental reasons. So now I am stuck deciding which direction to go. The 1970 will be more $, it needs paint, and the suspension upgrades cost more. I am not worried too much about the difference as the finished product will have higher market and sentimental value as well that make it worth it to me.

This brings me to my question.
"Out of the box" the 95 handles better hands down. But can the 1970 be made to handle as well as a 1995 GT can if both are upgraded? Meaning can the 70 gain such an improvement to overcome it's initial handicap and be equal to, or very close to the handling of a modified 95?

I planned to air-ride the 95, and would do the same with the 70, as well as probably replacing the entire front and likely rear suspension system on the 70 with one of the aftermarket kits (Some use Fox/SN95 style suspension parts/design) to lower it and make it handle better. I do not plan to race or track the car, but I want a good handling in the corners rig for when we do Mtn cruises or I find twisty back roads to play on. I want to make driving fun again so once it is done I am always looking for a reason to take a drive with it. I will say I do want it comfortable to drive, I am not looking full heim joint racing build, this will be a street rig so it will have rubber/uretthane bushings etc.
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