One Piece At A Time....just Like Dave!

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  1. Getting ready to paint my SSP Coupe back to the original Royal Blue. It may look like I'm painting it one piece at a time... @Davedacarpainter style, but I'm not. Well, not really. i did paint my trunk lid today, but only to kind of get my feet under me with the paint gun before I tackle the rest of the car. Under the trim, and the quarter windows is beautiful original blue paint, just like when I sold the car in 2001. (for those who don't know I bought this car new, sold it in 01 and bought it back a few months ago off craigslist) I really hate doing body work, luckily this car has remained pretty darn straight over the last 16 years.

    Under the trim original paint


    teardown in progress



    Base coat




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  2. Good Job Chris. Getting after it, huh?
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  3. My wife is on a trip. Trying to get it done before she gets back. She doesn't like paint, I LOVE the smell of fresh paint.
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  4. :nice:
  5. Man people in my neighborhood would have a fit if I painted in my garage! Stupid HOA! Can't even pressure wash a T5 in the driveway without getting talked to by the HOA president.
    Looks good!
  6. I'm technically not supposed to either, but I live on a small street and we all have been neighbors for 15+ years. No one complains.
  7. Getting serious....



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  8. I have a question. I want to (and am going to) paint the doors off the car. Is the window frame strong enough to hang the doors by or will it bend? I have two big hooks screwed into the studs in the ceiling of my garage. I was thinking of hanging the doors by use if rope around the top of the window frame to the hooks. Good? Bad? Other ideas? Thanks

  9. Have you torn the doors down? If so, yes, it's plenty strong.

    Truthfully it'll probably be ok even with the guts in it. It would just make me paranoid.
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  10. Doors are complete minus the door panels.
  11. I bet it would still be ok Chris.
  12. I'm certainly no Dave, but for $350 in materials and nothing more than my time I can live with it.



  13. Hey @Davedacarpainter , what if I did the jams of the door, bolted them back on, wrapped the entire car in plastic and then painted the doors on the car? Would that be better?
  14. I don't see anything wrong with that but shooting clear on the bottom side of the door will be more difficult but not impossible.
  15. Yeah, I was thinking about that. I can put the car up on ramps.
  16. That will help a lot. At least with painting the doors on the car you won't have to worry about mounting them after being painting which increases the risk of scratching your fresh paint.
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  17. It would be far easier on you when you go to reinstall the doors, you won't be so worried about nicking the paint.

    I just do mine all at once because i've got all the resources to paint them easily like that.

    Edit: Just noticed the rest of the replies, so i'm a bit redundant.
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  18. Thanks guys. Looks like that will be the plan.
  19. I love it when people dive in head first. That's beautiful work, and a beautiful color. Come do mine when you are done.

  20. Thanks. You can totally tell it's a "garage amateur" paint job but I'm ok with that. Just wanted it to look good enough to take out, yet not have to worry about a scratch or ding in a high dollar paint job.
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