Other Talk posse ballot closed....i would like in

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  1. i noticed the other talk posse ballot is closed id like in:D .......umm......yeah...i dont no wut to say now...i guess i wait for all u posse guys to induct 3 other pple on the ballot and then start voting...i think i have the idea of it...haha...well thanks talk posse = :hail2:
  2. um, your new!! give it a while
  3. .....not yet young one...you must earn it with consistant suckuping and generous offers of stuff.
  4. yeah, ur too much of a newb, we don't know you, you ain't a bro yet. I believe torino is my bro so hes cool. I was on here for 2 years b4 I got inducted into the glorius talk posse. And I didn't have to be a noob like you guys, I never even asked, strype was like damn, grey is cool, lemme send him an invite, ouuta nowhere and I was likw why not. Ok enuff of my incooherent rambling, point is quit being noobish, noone knows you and give it time... k? Welcome to SN BTW
  5. where is strype.....

    I want my nickname and title...
  6. he will be in tomarrow he only post during the day here lately and rarely late at night about 11pm my time
  7. What is the talk posse? who says whos in the talk posse? haha am I in the talk posse? lol im very confused.
  8. I will call you eatsowntoes...and so it is done :)
  9. you make up your own nicknames, so you can go ahead and do that, he makes up the title, I like mine personally :D
  10. I like what White90GT's sig picture says......give it a while maby one day you will be cool enough to talk it up to be in our posse
  11. you have to be inducted in ameeting or randomly called upon by strype.
  12. Strype gave me my nickname
  13. I would vote for mob

  14. a.k.a e-handjobs
  15. I'd vote for Mob too. He may have to be an inductee on the next vote.
  16. haha is this a thread or somthing? ive never heard of this before. And ive been here for a long time haha.
  17. hey, is there room for me... i promise i'll quit saying "gnar", i promise, i'll quit....

    oh, and i give good head too, just ask my boss (you didn't just read that *waves hand in jedi-like fashion*)
  18. okay DMAN I will go by eatsowntoes
  19. Says the man who joined in March 2006. :rlaugh:
  20. haha i dont really care if I dont get accepted, I just wanna know what it is haha.

    haha :owned:
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