Outnumbered By Idiots

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  1. Original question was regarding idle issues on an EFI 302 foxbody.
    Nearly unanimous response was "EFI is a pain, put a carb on it".
    I'm no longer able to respond to the thread, and probably wouldn't as I'm clearly outnumbered by experts.

    I'm up for a debate, So let's hear it, carb or EFI?
  2. back to back time slips or STFU
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  3. The last comment is the best one. How can you switch from efi and not change the ignition. Remind me what site this is from so I never go there for help.
  4. How **** up does your car have to be to run a full second faster by taking all the electronics off?
  5. Probably all the guys that can't diagnose a dead wire or vacuum leak. If I had a nickel for every mother****ker that said I needed to put a carb in my car because it didn't idle for :poo: after a rebuild.
  6. Oh wait: Here's one:

    We took our '71 Chevy C-10 to Hennessey Performance for before-and-after dyno testing to determine how our power output had changed. With the Holley four-barrel carburetor, the engine made a peak output of 363.2 hp along with 414.7 pounds-feet torque. After installing the EZ-EFI, the truck produced 366.6 hp with 423.8 pounds-feet torque. Additionally, we did before-and-after fuel economy testing (over the same 125-mile test loop) and realized a 4.1-mpg improvement. Of course, what we most appreciate is the significantly crisper throttle response and much smoother cold starts.
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  7. 302 #1
    emissions, horrible stock intake, tiny throttlebody, etc etc

    302 #2
    Proper sized aftermarket carb and an aftermarket single plane intake

    #2 is going to make more PEAK power 8 days a week if you're not a complete idiot.

    But I'd bet anything with a production intake and carb from a Pre-EFI car that car will make LESS power across the board.

    It's apples and oranges, and if you make this argument as to why carbs are better I hate you.
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  8. Carbs belong on bongs
  9. These are your friends? [emoji47]

    Just messing with you. That last comment made me laugh out loud...for real.

    Pretty much the same type of reviews I've read about on Car Craft when they convert to EFI. I distinctly recall this EZ-EFI system in one issue but they have used various ones with similar conclusions if I remember correctly. Holley also has one that seems to be pretty good.

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  10. And if you took it to a real speed shop, they could have made even more power!
  11. uuhhh each has there place, on a trailered racecar a carb is fine i suppose... on anything else EFI is king.

    Carbs= knuckle-draggers oh wait we have a carb on the racecar......
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  12. I would almost never go carb. The only time I would consider it is for expense(on a non inj motor in the first place) and also with a big nitrous system(on same type of situation). There is no advantage to them. Those guys have been using @stykthyn 's bong.
  13. Tanner- how funny. Look again at that thread. You'll see that I also tried to say goingto carb was a step backwards and didnt make more power.. I finallly gave up - the logic of the nutswingers was too overwhelming...lol

    This was the best response by far lol

    Pete Kona Carb is way cheaper. NO Computer at all. It's all mechanical at that point.
    Not to mention EFI will never have the throttle response of a carb... ever.

    IT was almost as good as the idiots who argued last night a lower temp themostat meant the car ran cooler and stopped him from overheating.
  14. thank god i picked this site when i first started learning about cars.
  15. What site is this from? Sounds entertaining...I could troll?
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  16. I decided to leave the group once I realized it was comprised of mostly autozone mechanics. Unfortunately I'm still getting notifications from that post lol. I'm glad to know you were the guy behind the post that made me feel like I wasn't completely insane.

    A thermostat is labeled by the temp you want the car to run at of course :rlaugh:

    Foxbody and corvette groups are both swarming with the most confident morons I've ever found.
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  17. Fox body Mustangs Facebook page I believe.
  18. I signed up here when I bought my first foxbody. I can go back through my own posts and cringe uncontrollably
  19. K rect,. I asked this one idiot if the car to explain to me why the car with the 160 stat didnt run 32 degrees cooler than the one with the 192 stat. That is when he started cursing at me and started rambling how his E fan came on at 180 and coole the car back down to 160...:rlaugh: