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  1. Sounds like a bet ;)

    Think we will remember this by the time August roles around and we get those 100+ days ;) I should have the JME's by then too :nice:

    If you car is overheating on 40 degree days its a major problem. When the car has been running for a while feel your upper and lower radiator hoses and your heater hoses.....it sounds like you have a blockage in the system.

    If it were me, I would first take out the therostat and see if the car runs cooler....in theory that would tell me the thermostat wasn't working and I need a new one....if its the same....then I would look for a clog in the radiator....have it flushed. IIRC if it s aclogged radaitor the lower hose will be significantly cooler even when the car is close to overheating.....also check to make sure you have the spring in the lower hose...last time i bought hoses NAPA sold me a lower hose with no spring and said I didn't need it....yeah right....you could watch it collapse as the car warmed up :bang: