Mach 1 Paint

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by BlackMach1, Nov 25, 2003.

  1. Im curious how many other people are having problems with their paint. I have so many chips on the hood I'm losing count, and over on there seem to be quite a few people having the same problem or similar problems with paint on their Mach's.

    Also if anyone knows the number for Ford Quality Control, or has received calls from them....Id love to have their number so I can speak with them.
  2. My 00 is covered in chips. I think even bugs cause them, there's so many!! I was thinking it was just a problem with my car (it's a garage kept, summer driver, not a DD-less than 30,000mi). I'll have to check out the paint tsb's, but I doubt mine will get covered due to year...
  3. I met a guy with an Azure Blue Mach 1 in the parking lot of Wal*Mart the night and he complained about his paint seemed to be chipping away very quickly. He said he called up ford and said there was nothing they could do for him until he could prove it was a paint defect from ford :shrug:
  4. ford paint is thin....all mustangs and cars get those chips in the front bumper hood area...use ZAINO.....the green primer under paint being visible is BS though!
  5. the paint depth on my 00 is 02 gt black had 6.0-7.0...anyone know about the new 04`s
  6. My Black 03 GT also seems to get paint chips in it for no apparent reason. Only 8,000 miles, and too many chips.
  7. Mine has 830 miles on it and I have a chip on the hood already. I only took it on the highway once. Ford paint sux.
  8. I don't have that many considering I drove the highway every day for nearly 8 months. I did notice I was getting a lot though really quick. Luckily I work nearby now, so I don't do much highway driving anymore. My mom has noticed a lot on her 03 cobra though and she hardly drives it...guess it's a ford thing.
  9. Don't follow cars (especially trucks) so close. I stay back about 10 to 12 car lengths if I can. So far 8500 miles and no chips.
  10. Yeah I hated driving highways because of all the trucks and tried to never be near a truck...good advice!
  11. Well I've never had paint problems on any cars even when ford had bad paint. But I hate to say it but I only drive highways and in 8 months only have 3200 miles on the Mach and it's alway in the gararge. I've noticed the bumper had a 1/2 inch stripe off of it. At the car wash I thought I mess some wax but no it was paint not staying on the plastic bumper. When I took my figure nail and scrach it a little it was brittle and would come off in flakes. I've heard polution (sp) in June 03 in Detroit caused paint issue and this is when mine was built. :notnice:

    Guess I'll be dealing with that soon...............
  12. I call Ford for my Azure Blue Mach1 paint chiping away on the hood and Ford pay for it at my local Ford bodyshop I got it fix bodyshop put 2 layers of Azure blue paint on the hood. it looks great now.
  13. My hood on my 02 GT was swiss cheese when I traded it in but it was more noticeable cause it was such a dark least I got white this time and they're not as hard to see.
  14. dang i though i was alone, what can we do if anything about this i didnt pay 27 thousand for a car to chip away. i have the 04 comp orange and only 1500 miles clean it everyday and is garaged. has at least 5 chips in the paint. three on hood one on pass side behind scoop and one on the trunk lid. this is ridiculous. please help. beautiful car just why do they have to put the paint so thin?