Painting Calipers

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  1. So I'm trying to think of affordable things I can do to my car in the 2 weeks between school and work. I'm graduating and then starting work at the end of Aug.

    Anyone ever paint there own calipers? What kind of paint did you use? Did it fade over time?

    Here's a pic of my car, thinking about red calipers.

  2. I painted mine with some of that Duplicolor 1200 degree paint, it holds up good as long as you don't get brake fluid on it.

    Mine have been painted for about a year and they still look pretty good.
  3. I painted mine red last summer using G2 caliper paint from Tire Rack.

    Worked great and looks good. It has stood up to multiple applications of acidic wheel cleaning products and has not faded at all.

  4. I painted mine last year. It was pretty easy once I got the rust off. I can't remember what paint I used but it's holding up really well which suprises me as I did kind of a rush job when I was changing rims.
  5. they also sell that caliper paint at walmart. if your a perfectionist and want it to look perfect buy the kit and just brush it on.

    if you dont care as much and just want the red look then get some high temp engine paint and tape off everything u dont want painted
  6. You mean they don't come painted?...



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  7. unfortunately no, they did in '06 but mine is an '05.

    I'm going to try the paint on stuff, I'll post pics when I'm done
  8. Caliper paint kit from AdvanceAutoParts


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  9. looks good :nice:

    i assume that's the brush on stuff. how well is the color holding up? I see you're in Mass. too, I'm more worried about sand/salt in the winter fading the paint. I doubt you drive you car year round though
  10. Picked up a DupliColor Caliper Paint kit from AutoZone, pretty decent kit for $15. You get a bottle of brake cleaner, masking tape, brush and paint. Only PITA was the brush was low quality so I had to keep stop painting and pull bristles out of the paint. Pretty happy how it came out, used 4 coats and have plenty of paint left.




  11. actually the brakes on the 06-07's are different. The calipers are 4 piston's and are painted red...

    Your's came out bad ass tho!!! Nice job! :nice:
  12. thanks, didn't know that about the '06 brakes
  13. I painted my rear drums black last year with VHT Brake Paint. They were a bit too obvious with their natural rust color, even behind the 10-hole rims I'd been running, and I knew they'd REALLY stick out if I ever put anything else on there (such as the Ponies I'm running now), so I just wanted to make them less obvious.

    The VHT stuff works great. I just wire-brushed off the drums, hosed 'em with brake cleaner to get rid of the dust and such, and then sprayed 'em down with the VHT paint. No chipping or anything in over a year, so far. I used the same spray paint on my 10-hole rims, as well (black with polished lip), and they've held up quite nicely ... aside for one rim that I had to touch up because I missed a couple of spots with sloppy prep work. Frankenstang's running those rims on her '86 GT 'vert, now.

    Dunno about how they'd hold up against brake fluid, but they've withstood plenty of heat and washes and such over the past year or so. Autozone sells the VHT stuff (several different color options, of course), but I dunno who else does.