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  1. contact me with your needs. ill shoot ya a price. + shipping. complete interior available for pickup only. located in bethany mo

    car is a aod sunroof car.
  2. i need black carpet and black seats. let me know condition and price. shipping to 93308. thanks
  3. Id be interested inthe carpet. picture and shipping to 62565
  4. panels

    I need door panels
  5. How much for the complete interior? Pics please. Thanks for your time, Scott
  6. I need the console panel that holds the radio. when my radio was stolen they broke the panel going up towards to ac controls
  7. is the carpet still avalible send a pm if so thanks
  8. Do you have the stck foglights?pictures? is your car a stick shift? if it is ....... do you have the rubber boot at the bottom. Do you have a contact number?
  9. new member, need oxygen sensor harness

    hopefully i'm not to late and you have the oxygen sensor harness that connects at the left passenger under the hood , by the mass air flow and routes down to the transmission and the two connectors go the sensors, the third goes to the engine low level sensor. please send pics and what condition it is in, thanks dragin92gt , i desperately need this part
  10. need the 3 piece rear seat set if its mint. thanks!
  11. What all do you have left? Looking for a dash, instrument panel bezel trim, front seats, sun visors, door panels, trim, sunroof (mine is cracked), and a center console.
  12. Do you still have the door panels?
  13. need interior parts

    what all do you have left of the interior, i am a few hours away from you and need some interior parts, just curious what you have left.
  14. interrior?

    i was woundering how much do you want for the interrior, and is it out of a notch or a hatch, and 87-93 or 79-86
  15. Any parts still available?
  16. only have door panels left
  17. Are they map pocket doors or carpet? If pocket, are the pockets still in good condition, or are they stretched out? Pics? Price + shipping to 06418?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.