Parting out 1990 Convertible 5.0 LX Car

Discussion in 'Interior Exterior Parts' started by korywiesner, Oct 19, 2010.

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  1. Rear Bumper cover = $50.00 Decent shape. Middle trim is in good shape. Rest will need paint.

    Hood = Steel $50.00 No dents. It's a hood...PRetty much says it all

    Front 5.0 Front Brake setup. Spindles, brackets, Calipers, rotors,master cylinder, proportioning valve and even the lines if you want them = $125.00

    Steering Rack = $30.00

    Convertible doors Good shape no rust =$100 Each

    Convertible top frame (Cage) whatever you call it. No top on it = $125.00

    White vinyl seats front and real (Really really bad shape) but they are all there and really need recovering = $15

    Rear quarter panels White Vinyl covered with red carpet lower (Pretty decent shape) = $60.00 for the set

    Rear quarter panels Gray with gray carpet (Great shape)=$150.00 for the set

    Front Dash red and plack = $50

    Just Ask

    Other miscellaneous crap just ask. I have pretty much a whole car minus motor, trans, and what other pieces I need for my convertible project.

    All prices will be plus shipping. Local pick up in east TN is preferred. If you will come take the stuff off yourself I'll make you an even better deal. When I get done getting all the pieces I need for my Vert I am gonna scrap what is left. The floor pans and torque boxes were too rusted out to use the car for anything.

    Text 423-2nine2-4six8two any time. I would prefer no phone calls please. Or you can E-Mail me at korywiesner(at)
  2. what color is the hood i need hood hinges and the latching systems my car was stolen they took it all also need the piece of metal in between the hood and windshield had a 2.5 inch cowl came up and smashed the whole thing
  3. speaker grill

    do u have the rear quarter panel speaker grills?
  4. j-hook??

    i need a j-hook for my 87 vert top? still got one?
  5. I need a red glove box door, console armrest and do you still have the speedo?
  6. Do you still have the top cage for sale......
  7. Looking for the door moldings, The ones that run along the top od the door. and the trim molding around the convert( From the quarter panel to the trunk), Door Mirrors, driver's fender extensionin lower front, Driver's side lower A-Arm??????
  8. text sent
  9. i need the passenger door, if it is still availible..
  10. Need drivers side trm molding (hockey stick) piece from door to trunk hinge. Thanks!
  11. Would it be possible to get pictures of this - Rear quarter panels White Vinyl covered with red carpet lower (Pretty decent shape) = $60.00 for the set ?? ssspy007 at gmail dot com Thanks
  12. How about trim piece that goes up the window inside. drivers side. Goes down by the speaker cover & up to topof insude window. Thanks!
  13. How about the exhaust mount....?????
  14. hi do u have ecu and wire harness
  15. still have any of the top frame??
  16. I need the front fender extensions, to change my gt to a LX
  17. anything left?
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