Parting out 98 Cobra 28k original miles!

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder Parts' started by nightstalker729, Oct 22, 2009.

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  1. Alright guys. I've got my hands on a rare find here for anyone interested in what's left of this low miles, all original 98 Cobra (minus the intake and exhaust mods). The owner of the car is a personal friend of mine who owns a dealership in the local Pomona, CA area. The car was a victim of a floor mat catching on the gas pedal.... :fuss:

    That left the car in the present condition. The old man ran into a pole on a city street, and can't stand to see the car go. That's where we all come in. Let's see if we can help give this car a proper burial. He only managed to rack up 28,331 on the car. Had basic mods, ie: springs, wheels, intake, exhaust, and a stage 2 clutch. That's about it.

    Hood and driver's side panels are no good. Passenger side and trunk are free of damage as are the head and tailights.

    The goodies are really in the motor and trans, driveline, Magnaflow Magnapack cat-back and offroad x-pipe. The front and rear brakes are in good condition, calipers just need a scrub down. Air bags and interior are all complete -- black leather seats. I'll be bringing her home for the teardown, so let's see what interest is out there. Car will be in the Rancho Cucamonga area for the teardown. :nice:


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  2. price on the seats and whats the condition of the hood and price on the hood please
  3. PM sent...
  4. how much for the motor > I don't need the intake or oil pan just the long block if that helps > can you ship?
  5. taking bids.... shortblock, longblock, and complete motor. pm me with an offer. I can ship, but am sifting through the offers at the moment.

    * NOTE * -- I will be taking better pictures with an actual camera tomorrow. Posts will be up in the afternoon.
  6. Interested in the springs. What type are they and the lowered distance if you know.

  7. Springs brand is unknown right now. I'll try to get under and take a look. But it appears to be a standard to aggressive stance. Probably 1.75" to 2" at most. I'll take a look this morning.
  8. how much for the complete intake manifold and TB?
  9. Is the rear bumper in good condition?
  10. looking for dead pedal, cup holder, door lock pins, rear trunck panel/carpet.....
  11. how much for the heads?
  12. how much for the exhaust shipped?
  13. how much for the complete exhaust?? shipped or just the or hpipe shipped?
  14. pm sent on imrc's
  15. I am interested in the headlights, taillights, and the dash clock if they are in good conditions .

  16. cluster??

    Do you still have the gauge cluster? if so what kind of shape is it in? how much? can you email me at [email protected]
  17. i need the wiper cowl(piece right under the wipers black plastic) how much shiped to 11234?
  18. Is the rack and pinion assy salvagable and do you still have the steering wheel with the cruise control...controls (for lack of better wording) attached?
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