Pennzoil Or Mobil 1?

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  1. So I work at a major sign shop in good ole new jersey at the jersey shore. We have been making these display headers for pennzoil hundreds of them to be shipped accrossed the country and I can't help but notice there claims...anybody preffer pennzoil over mobil 1 saposedly keeps your engine 25% cleaner then mobil 1.

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  2. Sounds more like an advertising gimmick to me. Perhaps the claim is correct, under certain conditions. Your average Mustang owner shouldn't have any problems with any oil as long as you change it regularly.
  3. Agreed. I pulled my 90 5.0 top end off at 100k miles or so. There was 1/4" of crusty sludge in the lifter valley and even more in the heads. 30k miles later after running Mobil 1 tri-synthetic and changing it every 3k-4k miles I tore it apart and sold the car off in pieces. I am not even slightly exaggerating - the engine looked brand new. The heads, the block, everything was so clean. I know it was more the fact that I was fairly religeous about watching my odometer and I cringed every mile over 3000 that I put on it without changing my oil. But I now use nothing else but Mobil 1 regardless.
  4. Thanks guys mobil 1 it is...full synthetic?
  5. Yeah, that is what I am using. But that oil is going to be an expensive mess on your driveway if you don't get those leaks fixed ;)

    Oh, I noticed the styling bar in your vert. Do you know which one it is? And do you like it?
  6. 300k + miles with Castrol gtx 10w30 and fram filter. Change regular and don't over think it. Full synthetic is good I suppose but not really worth the money. You're not gonna go any faster or pick up more chicks. Oh and ps never been a fan of penz it always seemed to get dirty, black, and thin faster than the rest in my experience.
  7. I would say it's a toss up between the two. Synthetic oil so far exceeds the need that you probably don't need to worry about which brand. I have always used Castrol or Mobil 1 depending on which brand is on sale at Walmart. Synthetic oil is amazing. I've pulled apart engines that have always had synthetic, and it's like the parts aren't worn at all. They all look brand new.

    Food for thought, Fram filters have cardboard in them, which doesn't filter very well. Castrol doesn't make regular oil. GTX is made under contract by the cheapest bidder.

  8. I love the styling bar don't know wich one it is. It wasbon the car whwn I got it but it looks awesome!
  9. I've always used regular Pennzoil 10w-30....and a Motorcraft FL-1A filter. Never any issues....have had it a part a few times and didn't see anything, cross hatch was still on the cylinders, not even a TDC groove....~150k on the odometer. I change it every 5-6k....put mag plugs in the oil pan a while ago, never even seen any fuzz on them.
  10. I think it's more important to change it regularly than the brand.

  11. There is definately a lot of truth in that. All the oil you buy is manufactured to an SAE standard, so the brand is not as important. If I'm not using synthetic, I generally use generic.

  12. Food for thought: Walmart brand great value bread, Albertsons store brand, Krogers store brand, and the more expensive Natures Own all come from the same dough only thing different is the bag.
  13. They all do that. I have Advance brand 10W-30 in my car right now. It's Havoline with a different sticker.

  14. I used to make the bread, just thought I'd throw that out there.....
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