Photo Request: 96 Gt

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  1. Can someone please post a few pics of all the ground locations in the engine bay...I think I'm missing my firewall ground but have no idea where it needs to be...thanks in advance..

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  2. Nobody has a 96-98 gt that they can't spare 10 minutes? I'd really appreciate, and I'm sure my car would too...

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  3. I tried looking on google and bing for you but I couldn't find anything. Sorry. Good luck!:)
  4. Yeah I've looked everywhere, which is why I posted tempted to just randomly stop someone who has a mustang and ask to look under their hood...

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  5. Haha be careful
  6. No firewall ground, just the ones by the radiator/left headlight, and the main ground from the left motor mount to block.
    There is a fuel rail ground that is by the firewall. That just gets capped onto a valve cover stud.
    Let me know if you still need pics.
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  7. Thanks, I have all those, just figured I was missing the firewall ground because any time I turn on any accessories like the defroster, my battery gauge takes a nice hit to it....I've got a brand new battery and alternator...maybe I need to upgrade to a high output alternator...

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  8. defrost does the same to mine.(when it used to work)
    grab a volt meter and check what the voltage is at the alt and the battery.
    make sure the connections at the posts are tight and clean.