Pic of my Zex bottle for MSP

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  1. [​IMG]

    It's on the passenger side, only place I could fit it.
  2. ok ive go tot stop lookin at this thread, i dont know how long i can hold out...
  3. Does look very sweet though jimp.
  4. Just do eet!
  5. Thanks mang. :D

  6. Nice Job!! I love that purple cylinder man!! So how did it go today, did you sqeeze one for me? :D Everytime you squeeze you gotta think about us man.. Cant be squeezin without us in mind! :nice:
  7. That sounds a lil queer MSP, i think you should edit that post lol
  8. Nah I didn't mess with it today. I'm saving it for the track Sat night.
  9. ok, ZEX fund update: $$210
  10. Whip out the ol' VISA.

  11. It depends on how you look at it.. If you think of female parts 100% of the time, then your ok.. But if you have a tendancy to let your mind twist up and wonder then thats on you Fazm83.. LOL!! :D

    What you thinkin right now man!
  12. you told him to think of you while he squeezes, thats all guys in my book lol.

    Jimp tryin to avoid that route :) Just doin some side stuff, hopefully ill have the money in a week or two. I only started yesterday so im off to a good start lol.
  13. I didn't really mean that. Take your time and enjoy the car like it is. It's not like I'll be hitting the NOS all the time.
  14. Oh ya, ill do nos a lot, until i realize how expensive it is to refill every week, then it will be track only lol.
  15. If there was a place close by that filled bottles I'd use it more.
  16. I still have to find a place to fill haha.
  17. Well, make sure you give the car a good washing up for tomorrow night.. So we have agreed, or you and the stang have agreed you are content to run with the 75shot, or do you think its better to step up to 100shot? If you can get the other spark plugs, I would say go for 100Shot... But a 75shot run couldnt hurt.. Actually, I think the 75shot would go along way for the development of the community because this can be done with all things stock.. Some guys like myself included, may not opt for the SCT-2 right off the bat.. Rather install the rear-end first before the SCT.. The 75shot performance is the baseline run, and should be run first.. However, looking at your situation, I really cant see a need for you to have to waste a track day at the 75shot level.. You indeed have everything except for the plugs, to make a few successful runs at the higher levels...

    I would of course appreciate a 75shot baseline track day.. Your car is actually suited to this best from a launch standpoint without the upgraded rear-end.. However, 100 or 125shot will indeed be able to catch the 75shot at about mid track, even with a feathered launch, which is the reality your actually looking at.. So what are your goals, and what targets are you shooting for?
  18. Actaully with the 100HP shot you need to pull a couple of degrees of timing... so you might as well buy the SCT X-Cal2 if you plan on going about the 75HP..

    Just to err on the side of caution we pulled 2 degrees even though we are only running the 75HP shot....

    So tomorrow I will just be running the 75HP... even though I'm VERY tempted to put the 100HP in... BUT... I will not get greedy... I will not get greedy... I will not get greedy... Learn to walk... learn to walk... then try to run.... LOL!!!

    BTW... I would think the Zex on an automatic without a tune to remove the torque limiters would be bad mojo.... LOL
  19. I of course have a 5spd.. I never learned how to drive automatics! LOL! :D

    Let me ask you a question Scrming.. You already have the rear-end in place.. Lidio will be driving your car.. You have the SCT-2.. Why in heavans name would you only run the 75 shot, when your car is set to actually do a 125shot? I really dont understand.. :shrug:
  20. Actually I'll be flying solo tomorrow!!!!

    Lidio is a very cautious and methodical guy... we are taking this slow and making sure everying is working right... Lidio's wide band went out so we didn't get a completely accurate A/F check... So.. we are going to take it slow... Lidio prides himself on giving his customers cars that stay together and don't self destruct after a week... So.. I will take it easy... run the 75's tomorrow... Next saturday we'll get the car back on the dyno... and see what's what... if all goes well, i think maybe change the spark plugs and put in the 100HP and call it good... I want to be 100% sure when I say I have over 300HP at crank... LOL! Right now it maybe a little under... the extra 25HP shot will put it over the top! LOL!