Pictures of 2005 Mustang 4.6L 3V engine

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by vrpirata, Dec 8, 2003.

  1. Ups! repost :(
  2. that intake is very LS1ey
  3. cobras and machs have the oval intake.Looks like a better one than the current GT's.
  4. throttle body
  5. why's it split? Why not just make one big one like the aftermarket ones for the cobras and bullitts?
  6. :stupid:
  7. For improved air velocity right?
  8. Interesting......those manifolds look more like some kind of cross-breed header.
  9. That intake is much more efficient then the current GT's. Thats a twin intake. Just think of it as your car having 2 throttle bodies to feed the left and right intakes on the manifold
  10. the current gt has one just like that, whats more efficient is a single large throttle body
  11. Why would BBK make an upgraded twin intake for the 03 Cobra if it wasn't more efficent? :scratch:
  12. Afirm. Several TBs with the same area as a single large one will maintain better velocity and throttle response. The latest BMW M3 has six TBs (one per cylinder) and makes 343 hp from 198 ci.
  13. It dose look a lil Ls1'y but i like it.
  14. These pictures are about ~2 years old.
  15. The cam covers look like the 409 chevy valve covers. Is Ford gettin' more like GM since GM is getting more like Ford(LS1 head design is a very good revamp of a windsor head)?
  16. Not even close to the old "W" valve covers. I know, I had a '62 409 Impala.

    Also had a dual point distributor. That was a lot of "fun" to set up.
  17. I like the maniford setup on that motor. Your going to have an awesome "Ram Air" system for this motor. A direct shot right into the TB.