1. Why does it seem that everytime I stumble onto this show its always two fox body mustangs racing....I wonder why they dont have more of a variety of differnt car's on this show.....not that I even like the show its so fake and lame.....
  2. i love the Show... i cant wait till the new season come on, Pinks All Out.. Feb 2nd i think, not to sure.. thats my Favorite show on Tv Right now...
  3. pinks all out > pinks
  4. i was just watching it this morning and they had 2 "shifter carts" racing for well....i guess not slips but they said they were worth $10,000 each and hit like 120 mph. 0-100-0 in 7sec. :jaw:

    not as cool as the cars anyway
  5. What's the deal with pinks all out anyway? I watched an episode of it about a month ago then never saw it again.
  6. I love pinks. Not because of the show, but cause of the fox bodys on it. I've always been dieing to go to a mustang or Ford show and see other peoples foxes. I dont know of many around where i live. And the ones i see around are rusty piles of junk. Like most of them are sadley. I even have people as me what kind of a car is that? MUSTANG DUH.
  7. They all race mustangs because bang for your buck they are about the cheapest/easiest to mod for your average guy. Plus they are light in weight.

    Pinks all out is a big event they have where they seperate the cars into time grps 10.00 - 10.30 and so on like that. Then they race heads up for the big purse. If you don't run close to your time that you ran in qualifying then your out. They are trying to prevent the sandbagging and just want people to run what they brung in a heads up all out tournament. I like this idea since sandbagging is gay. Pinks all out is much better than normal pinks.
  8. Pretty much. A few people on the show have had sbc foxes too. Most of it is just stuff they throw together in a weekend. Best episode ever was the two brothers with the 9 second stick cars. Newer Camaro and a '68 Firebird.
  9. maybe its just me, but everytime i look it up on direct tv, it will say that on this particular episode, its a 68 firebird vs a 92 mustang.. then you select it and its 2 pickup trucks going at it.. thats always frustrating.

    Plus, get all the non nessicary people out of there. you have the driver/owner/and the 2 guys that decide how the races are ran.. everyone else needs to get the hell outta there.

    Everytime i see a fox on there, im like WOHOOO!!! then they cut to the part where they show the motor.. and its a sbc.. i usually turn the channel unless the car its racing is ford powered.
  10. its not just you... I sware it said battle of the mustangs 4 weeks in a row, and there was only 1 mustang in all 4 of the episods.. lol i hate that... thinken one thing and watching the other!
  11. i still wanna see the all out one....are they on yet?
  12. christmas day there was one on, it was a hour episode... it was the Sweetest thing ive ever seen... but the season doesnt start till Feb, Somthing.. i dont know.. If anyone finds out post it in here, ill do the same.. i want to watch the hole season.
  13. i didnt much like the all out version. it seemed too busy to stuff into a one hour slot
  14. I dont like that show at all. Someone always brings a slow car and whines about it until they get the upper hand which is total BS, it should be heads up, pro tree, 1/4 mile. If you bring a car thats too slow, then and only then should you be able to negotiate to run a bracket race. I also hate how almost every fox on that show is a 4 eye converted to an areo nose, with an SBC in it.
  15. I was at the taping of Pinks All Out at Firebird raceway in Phoenix in December. The winner turned out to be a good friend of the guy I went to the track with so we got to hang out in his pits after he won. It was really really awesome!

    I put together a video of the whole thing...maybe I'll post it if enough of you guys want to see it.

    The finals were a 87 firebird vs a SBC fox...that's all I'll say!

    Mustangs were generously represented in the "Sweet 16" cars that competed for cash. One of my favorites was an orange 1970 fastback. There was also a white 4 eyes fox and of course the finalist SBC fox.
  16. LBO the good ol days of having many competitors is long gone.

    Back in the 60's you have Hemi/ Max Wedge/Magnum this and that in all body styles--these engines where in all of the cousin cars.

    You had Rat powered Chevy's in all sorts of vehicles--look at Irvins big car and how hard it left that line.

    Fords with Sohc's with real displacement, Boss 429-302, Windsors and Clevy's going to battle with tunnel ports and valves the size of our fists; once again in all sorts of body styles.

    AMC had a piece of the action

    Now adays its the same ol crap. Sure they are more technilogically advanced then their predacessors, but even the camaro died.

    It's pretty sad when the comp on the street is so low you have v8's going up against boosted 4 cyls. Whats even worse is when the 4 cyls are in the 11's.
  17. Its not sad in anyway....it is all a money game ! The X factor in determining how fast anyones car is , is ALWAYS MONEY!
  18. does anyone know when the new season Starts... i know its this month i just dont know when..
  19. Money game doesn't determine that a neon will run 11's with 5G in mods.

    It's sad that when a stock 4cyl car runs what only a healthy fox would run back in the day.

    Most foxes now are turds compared to even naturally aspirated 4cyls. My damn nissan 4cyl runs what my 91 GT ran on nuts, but the nissan has half the engine. Nissan has less mods than the GT.

    14.5's out of both. It does not weight half as much. It is 400lbs lighter than the GT.
  20. I'm watching it now :) Yellow fox against red 95.