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  1. i was woundering if i should paint anything on the back of my car, i have photoshoped some pics. Please let me know what u think. What i should do and things i shouldn't
  2. I like how it looks stock. The only thing I would do is possibly the tail lamp bezels, since I've seen some white 96-98' Mustangs with the black bezels and it looked sweet. If your going to paint them, go flat black.
  3. ya thats what i am going to do i just did the pics real quick to kinda get an idea. I think all of it is a little much but i am def. doing the tail lamp bezels
  4. Dont paint the lights and plate this.

    Get black Bumper Inserts and paint the Bottom portion of the rear bumper curve flat black. it looks SO classy. All my friends and I say it makes the whole rear end come alive. 98 were not painted but years before that SN-95's had the bottom portion pained flat black.

    Bumper inserts and Flat black bottom will bring the whole car alive
  5. I like the look of the bottom being black also...
    heres mine :) My S281 spoiler is also Flat Black...i'm still considering adding black tail light bezels but i have alot of black on my car already and don't want to go too far with it.


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  6. I like pic #3. just looks right. BTW I normally hate clear taillight but my buddy did clear ones on his cobra and then ditched the chrome bezel's for painted ones and it looks SHARP.