Plugging Gps Into Original Cigarette Lighter

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  1. My original cig lighter still works. It heated up very quickly. I assumed I could just plug my Garmin into it and get power. Wrong! It plugs in but doesn't power up. Must I replace that outlet with a new one or is there a trick I'm missing?
  2. does your garmin work in other cigarette lighters in other cars?
  3. Works fine in all the other cars I've tried (2). I'm wondering if the technology of 1967 just doesn't sync with 2014 even in something so simple as a cig lighter.
  4. it might be that the plug doesnt go deep enough in the receptacle. or that the plug grounds are not contacting the wall of the receptacle.
  5. any suggestions?
  6. pull the receptacle from the stang and check the actual fit with the plug. if necessary replace the receptacle.
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  7. I guessing it's just worn out. I failed to mention for the lighter to get hot I have to hold it in. While I tried the same method for the gps unit, it just wasn't getting any juice no matter what I did.
  8. yeah, replace the receptacle