Polish Ford Mustang club inspires Brazilian cousins

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    If you weren’t already aware, it should come as no surprise the Ford Mustang is a completely global phenomenon…and will continue to be, so long as petrol-powered automobiles are permitted to breathe on the planet’s surface. Over in Poland, local Mustang fanatics managed to pump out and awesome fan tribute to the legendary pony car. Great, right? Just a nice tribute video montage–no one’s ever done that before, right? Tongue-in-cheek aside, the video was a total hit and has inspired other parts of the world, this time in South America, to compile their on own fan tribute to the car. These Brazilian Mustang mad-hats ensured that every generation was featured and also gave props to several sponsors making it all possible.
    If you are ready to check out what the video has in store, hit the link below to check it out in our video & media gallery!
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