posessed fuel pump?

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  1. i've got a 93 2.3l and the damn fuel pump will just shut off at random. I've replaced the fuel pump for a different problem, and i know the inertia switch is good. I wanna know if there is anything else that might cause this problem. The only pattern i can see to the stalling is it will stall after running for a short time right after running for a long time (ex. Drive 20 min to nearest big town, stop at one place, drive 2 min to another place, when i start the car after the second stop, the fuel pump starts acting weird. It might die right after i start it, or 10 min afterward, but it always stalls.) After the car dies, i can sit and keep trying the key and eventually, the fuel pump will come back to life and i can go, although the car has had fits of dying, then working for 30 sec, then dying again. Some days the car won't die at all, and others, the car will fail 6 or 7 times within a 10 min peroid.

  2. wow that is realy inconvenient!! bet you get a lot of people honkin at ya!

    just thinkin what all is involved with the fuel pump... the pump itself... the electrical connections... the inertia switch... the fuel pump relay, ive heard of relays acting up but i dont know what they do when they act up. thats all i can think of... hope that will spur something in someone's head...

  3. it sounds like a faulty inertia switch, but try replacing the relay first, its only like 5 bux, if that doesnt solve it then try the inertia switch

    had the same kind of problem after i swapped in a 302 into my 93, the relay got knocked loose during the swap and was getting an intermitint signal
  4. check your power relay mine acts up from time to time
  5. What kind of pump did you use as a replacement? Some pumps require you to ditch the resistor wire that goes to the pump. What happens is the wire heats up increasing it's resistance, cutting current to the pump. Then it cools enough, allowing you to start the car and run for a while. One of these about drove me crazy till I jumped the pump to the batt. Then it was a real "Oh, ooookay" kind of moment.
  6. BTKiller, is that a '92/'93? If so I'm betting that "black box" is the IRCM. The Integrated Relay Control Module. Really just a fancy name for a box with the relays for Fan, pump and EEC power in it.

    Either the connector is corroded or maybe the wires are bad internally. Try using a little electrical cleaner on the connectors. (after un-plugging them)
    If the problem still exists try doing a continuity check on the wiring. It may also just be a loose connector.

  7. It is acutally a 91 but I belive is same as 92 & 93... Thanks I will try it
  8. yep, thats the little black box on the shock tower