"Power" 70mm TB and Plenum?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by 04gth, Dec 1, 2006.

  1. Anyone had any experience with this? Is it street legal, I know the TB is but how about the plenum? Would I have any idle issues,etc.? What are the power gains?

  2. Yes you will have idle issues, no you will not feel any power gains.
  3. yes its legal
  4. no you will not have idle issues, yes you will feel gains, no they are not illegal

    :lol: .. the anti mod god struck again.

    go clean your maf. :rlaugh: jk man
  5. Cleaning MAF is always a good idea :D
  6. hey kt.. on a side note i remember you posted a set of security torx bits that was a kit for cheap.. can u post that link for me. maf clean and grill delete are next for me. thanks man :nice:

    on the thread tho, if ur talking about the ebay brand professional producs, ive acctually heard "ok" things about them so give it a shot.. its only about 200 anyway
  7. how many of these threads are there per week? daamn.

    but yea same as stated above. gains, you shouldnt have idle problems if you install it carefully and properly. best of luck to you. you'll like the combo.
  8. for my security torx bit i used a dremel and a flat head screw driver.... then i replaced them with phillips head screws:D
  9. So... what are you guys saying...? "No, they are not illegal" or "Yes, they are legal"....?

    And what about gains....? Will you feel something by the seat of your pants or will your pants fill your seat with something....? Or will nothing happen in your cheap pants? And where's the best place to get work pants?

    I like my TB. :chair:
  10. thanks for the linky kt. :flag:
  11. there should be no SotP gains, but throttle response long with mid range breathing will be noticable.

    I'd avoid PP at all costs. If you need cheap go with a plenum like Dragon.

    If you want the best (flow chart proven) Accufab 100%
  12. Thanks man. Good link :nice:
  13. The Professional Products "Power" tb/plenum are great for the money. Only thing "better" would be accufab, and in that case only because of the finish. Mechanically most tb/plenums are created equally.
  14. My brother in-law and I both went with BBK 75mm TB/P and had / have No problems looks great and sounds really nice when matted to a CAI. :nice:

    Noticable power increase and response :D

  15. you saved me $400!
  16. you should already have a 70mm t-body from the factory. the plenum will add a small amount of power. 4-6rwhp. there will be no idle issues. just reset the computer.
  17. OEM throttle body is 65mm.