Power Window Issues

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  1. 96 Mustang, Drivers side window will not go down unless I tap the button a lot. It goes up just fine. Replacing the switch did not work. Any ideas? It failed inspection b/c of this.

    Another question. The motor on the passenger side. Are the 2 interchangeable?

    Thx for any help.
  2. Sorry I can't help you with your issue.

    But you have me completely curious what state you are in. To recap the issue, your inspection failed because your window works great going up and also works going down but with slightly more effort? Do you live in North Korea?

    Come to South Carolina, man. No inspections, not even emissions. Maybe I shouldn't be proud, but I am, and this is why. Once they start on this inspection BS, they never stop adding more stuff to fail.
  3. do you get the same result when you bang on the door panel, rather than the actual button? if so, it could well be the motor on the window regulator. A whole new regulator is about $60 from Amazon, easy install. If it only works when you whack the button, not the door panel, you could be looking at a replacement switch.

    First, though, I'd pop out the switch assembly and wiggle the connector, see if that helps; could be corrosion or other reason for a bad/intermittent contact at the connector.

    Where do they inspect for window up/down? That sounds whacky even for places like California or Virginia.

    And the motor assemblies are not, as far as I recall, interchangeable, but the motors themselves might be. That's a bunch of work compared to just replacing the regulator assembly.
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  4. Needs a new motor. Just pop the door panel off, loosen a few regulator bolts, remove motor screws and slide down and out. Chances are the replacement has a plastic housing, do not...do not over tighten the screws that mount the motor to the regulator, they will strip rather easily. Ask me how I know ;)
  5. Ty for responding. But I would rather have cars inspected and in proper working order than be killed by a non inspected car riding on some ""maypops"".
  6. I replaced the switch, that was the 1st thing. I whacked the door, which was 2nd. Nothing. I got it to go down 1 time, then brought it back up, but when I went to see if it would go down, again, It moved about an 8th of an inch everytime I tapped the down on the button. This weekend will be warmer and sunny. I should be able to get a further inspection of the motor and regulator. Thx.
  7. Turned out to be a relay on the driverside door. Tested the motor I bought b4 removing the old one, and it did the same thing. Ford dealership also agreed with me, and that relay runs about 100$. Seems to be a dealer only item. The relay is located on the inner door panel , driverside, near rear of the door panel