Pre 1998 or post 1999 SVT Cobra?

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  1. I am looking to purchase an SVT Cobra convertible and I was wondering if its worth paying more for the post 1999 version of the Mustang versus going with a 1998 or older Cobra, which will cost me a little less money. I know that SVT equipped the Cobra with Independent Rear Suspension in 1999 and the motor came stock with 15 to 20 more rwhp, but I wasn't sure if there was anything else missing in my consideration that would make a pre 1999 as a good a car/buy as the post 1999 car.

    I could buy a nice triple black 1998 Cobra convertible for less than $7k and I am looking at more than $11k for several 1999 and 2001 convertibles.. Should I spend the extra money, all things be equal, for the 1999 or newer or should I save the cash and go with a nice clean 1998 or older even though those cars have solid rear axle and less rwhp?

    Appreciate your time and feedback.
  2. Might as well get the '98, it'll leave you with more money for mods and upkeep/maintenance items.

    Finding a used, nicely kept Cobra is refreshing, compared to the many that have been beat on, rode hard, and put away wet.

    The 99/01 does have a tad more horsepower compared to the 96-98s, but their accompanying IRS can be a headache at track (ie - wheel hop, snapped halfshafts, etc) for the drag racing enthusiast who likes to make frequent trips to the 1/4 mile strip.

    You can find lots more model-specific data about each model year Cobra you are considering by running some searches, visiting the official SVT Ford division website (which is now referred to as "Ford Performance Group"), and several other online sources and references (ie - Wiki, etc) for a quick rundown of all of the nuances.

    It all depends on what route YOU want to go with and what body style YOU prefer more. G'luck !

  3. Since the body styles are truly the same (actually the 98 hood has hood vents, which are sharp and the 1999 newer have a solid hood) I guess the real consideration is if the solid rear axle versus independent rear suspension is worth the money... The horsepower can be made up with some simple engine modifications, and 305 hp is more horsepower than I have had in any Mustang I have owned...

    I think I will take your advice, go with the car I like, ie triple black is sharp, and save some cash....
  4. I would go with the 96-98. Cheaper and a better looking car IMO.
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