Roush Price of a 1995 Saleen S351 Code R

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  1. I was bored and came accross this on ebay:

    It sounds like it is well taken care of but i have a couple questions:
    1) he said he installed a T56 transmission, i thought that all S351s came with them already.
    2) how much would a car like this cost. I know it all depends on what the buyer is willing to pay, but what would be a fair price, and at what price would you say "forget it, look elsewhere"
    3) what upgrades are done to a S351 to make it a Code R?

    Ill do some cliff notes for you: he has installed a Sony headunit, new speakers, Rockford fosgate 10" sub and amp, new X pipe (cause the cats went bad on the original one), the T56 with a dual friction centerfource clutch, and finally two piece discs as apposed to the single piece saleen used. It has 38K miles and looks to be well taken care of.

    Thanks for any help.


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  2. well all i can say is that when i drove one :D a few months back it took like 5 minutes for that thing to get warmed up and idle right, but when it did and for like the street i drove it for. omg i totally blew my load on it. my heart is set on a s 351 when i get enough money but i will do the crank like someone bought one in MM&FF a few months back. then that way i will make some mega serious hp. not like 500 is serous enough already.
  3. The R-Code Includes #1 Vortec Supercharger #2-13" Brakes #3 Twin Guage Pod #4 Carbon fiber hood The package added $ 6,244.00 to the sticker price!( Suggested retail price on the 95 S-351 was $ 39,990.00) Also the S-351 came with the Tremec T-3550 quick ratio five speed transmission! I still have my original window sticker. :nice: Mark
  4. Great, thanks for the info, very helpfull. :banana: Is your S351R the yellow one in yoru avatar? How many yellow ones were made?

  5. Yes that is my S-351 in my avatar! I'm not sure how many yellow ones were made in 95. I have talked to the guy that ownes the one for sale at perf. autosport! His doesn't have the carbon fiber hood! Mine has 6,500 original miles on it! Mine has the SR wing, Rollbar, and Alunmium rearend cover. It has never been in the rain. Mark :nice:
  6. My buddy has a white '95 SR. Awesome street car, we road tripped it from Montana this summer to Seattle. His has the CF hood, and the double stack wing, see pics below. Um, we let off at 150;)


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  7. R codes

    The Saleen hood was an option at least in 94 and 95, mine has the stock mustang hood and the 6 speed came standard in 96. My car as well as a couple of other cars started life as GTS Mustangs. Don't forget to change the wimpy 36lb injestors to something bigger.
  8. Have any pictures? :D :nice:
  9. you see a lot of sn-95's with that hood
  10. Thats becuase it is the best looking hood for the 96-98 stangs :nice:
  11. ya it is im glad i have it
  12. What year is your car?
  13. i have an 02 s281sc #408
  14. I like this one a little better:

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