1. Hello all!! I've been doing a lot of work in my new to me stang!! Tonight I took her out for a cruise with my son who's been working and learning with me about cars! Successful night as we drove around for couple hours with no MAJOR problems.. LOTS of noises and rattles to figure out still. As well as why it won't start without putting gas pedal to floor or pumping gas pedal.. As well as issue with power steering pump being so low that belt almost touches at water pump pulley... BUT it drove ok and even got a couple burnouts in for fun!! Anyways wanted to kinda update anyone who's been helping me out along the way. I appreciate all your guts help so far! I'm sure I'll need a lot more in future!!

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  2. Glad to hear! One thing at a time and you'll get the little nagging things taken care of. This group was always helpful, but I was away for 10 years and blown away by the support on here! Great job guys and gals! :SN:
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  3. Welcome

    Those issues sound like common issues. First thing to do is warm the car up fully, and pull the codes. The how-to is in a sticky at the top of this forum. I highly recommend buying an Innova 3145 code reader, that can be found for under $30. Most often, the cause of the issue you describe is a fauly engine coolant temp sensor, but pulling the engine codes will confirm this. The check engine light will not illuminate for all codes.

    As for your second issue, sounds like the belt is not routed correctly. Often times people remove the smog pump and don't change the belt routing. Identify your pulley setup and see if the belt is routed correctly
  4. Hello!! I have already replaced the ECT.. As far as the belt goes I do not have the typical fox body power steering pump bracket therefore can not do the ac delete bracket to move it up..

  5. Well then what do you have? If the belt gets by the pulley w/o contacting it it's not an issue. My belt only has 1/4" clearance between contacting the opposite course that wraps around an idler pulley in my setup.
  6. I wish I knew what I had in mine.. I'm still trying to figure it out....
  7. It looks like something from the dark ages, maybe 70's?
  8. Ah, I remember this from the other thread you had.

    I was suspecting it might be a Ford explorer setup, but I couldn't find any good pictures to compare. It's definitely not 5.0 HO mustang