Build Thread Project Phoenix (94 Cobra) Part 2

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  1. Thought I would post a update as a new round of upgrades are about to start. In case some people don't remember me/my car check out my original build up of the car.

    Anyhow I drove the car for awhile was daily driving it at one point because my truck was having some issues. About 7 months ago it started shooting steam out of the exhaust. I suspected a head gasket had gone bad.

    So I went ahead and yanked the motor out to see what I could find out.

    I tore down the engine and one of the cylinders had water in it, the headgasket had some material burned off around one of the waterjackets and a slight impression on the compression ring. To be honest I'm not sure what happened and it isn't of too much concern. Because, I knew the next time the motor came out I would be wanting to look at my options for a upgrades.

    I ended up swapping my motor and transmission with a friends of mine plus some cash. My friend installed this motor in his 67 Stang around 2006 and since then only drove the car MAYBE 100 miles.
    (Photo of it when I helped him put it in the first time around.)
    The engine is a 351w stroked to a 408 with AFR 185 heads and a fairly large cam (haven't got the specs in my hands yet.) Rotating assembly is balanced and blue printed but not forged should still be good enough for what I plan to do.
    Also got his AOD-E with a PI stall converter and a B&M hammer shifter.

    So now I have a fairly long parts list to collect, as well as some research to be done on my part. More to come soon, probably post my parts list looking for some feedback.
  2. Not enough mustang :poo: in garage!
  3. 351W FTW!!!
  4. looks like you're off to a good start so far!
  5. Kinda of a random question, in your Phoenix project part one thread where did you get those silver/gray rims from?
  6. 94-98 Roush wheels. Were on the car when he bought it.
  7. I knew it. My favorite rims to see <3 haaha. One of these days, a decade from now, ill have a set or roush original rims:D
  8. So this is still a thing...

    Long time coming on this update. I got this motor put in many moons ago due to the oil pan and headers not clearing a stock kmember my progress slowed to a stop. I also got a another car which I have been working on and racing which has taken my attention away from this.

    Anyhow onward. I finally got a new kmember, even after heavily notching the stock one it just wasn't going to work. I get a discount from work on QA1 so it is what I went with. I am doing a complete refresh of the front suspension (new hubs, 03-04 Cobra control arms, steeda x2 ball joints etc.) more to come on that later.

    I have everything in and fitting now so I plan to take it back out one last time to get all the accessories on and all the gaskets set and everything bolted on and sealed up. I still have to do some work to the adapter plates for the headers and change the pickup.