Prolong, Motor UP, Slick 50, Dura Lube, Z-Max...

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  1. Does any of this stuff really work? Or is it just a bunch of bull. Went to the local auto store today and just happen to glance at some of the stuff they had on the shelf. Never used any of them. I'm very skeptical about these kind of stuff. The cost of these items are kindy pricey also. For the amount that you would pay, you'd figure that this stuff really works. Anybody with good/bad experiences with any of the above mentioned?

    I might give the Prolong Automatic Transmission Treatment a try. Just got my tranny fluid completely flushed @ 50k and thinking about adding some additives to help with lubrication & prolong the life of the tranny. Any thoughts?
  2. IMO, its all snake oil.

  3. ive heard good things about Lucas tranny fix, no experience w/ it though. im thinkin of tryin it because im startin to get that occasional shudder that means the autos goin.
  4. When al that stuff first came out (10-12 years ago?) and independant lab did studies about there protectiona nd regualr penzoil was better than all of them. That was a long time ago. I'm sure regular oil is better now than it was than and the additive stuff is probably the same.
  5. I'll bet that a full synthetic oil or tranny fluid, such as Amsoil 0W-30, is better than any of those snake oils.
  6. Dad uses Lucus fuel stabilizer. He says it works well. Who knows, my car became sluggish when I used it.
  7. My Step brother uses Duralube religiously in his 94 GT. Hes been using it for about 3 years or so now and really l8ikes it. Keeps tryin to talk me into using it too :)
  8. Someone did some research on engine oil additives not that long ago and basically said that the best that they can do for you is nothing. Worst case scenario is that the additives you place in the oil react poorly with the additives already present in the motor oil causing it to break down and do damage to your engine. All these companies that talk about teflon additives and stuff like that are full of crap. Teflon is a metal. Do you want to put little shards of metal in your engine?

    I don't know much anout transmission oil but I'd assume it's not much different. You don't know what additives are already there and you don't know how they'll react to whatever else you put in. I wouldn't take the chance. Just spend a bit more money on some good fluid to begin with.
  9. Exactly! Stay away from that garbage ... if you buy it you're just making some schmuck rich and wasting your $$. Go with a good quality synthetic oil (Amsoil, Red Line, Mobil 1, Royal Purple) and that's all you'll ever need.
  10. hey what about quaker state full synthetic is that not a good oil
  11. The only thing I would put on anything is Millitech.

    It is a hydrocarbon based additive developed by Nasa and not available at stores.

    I have used it in everything and when and if you put it in your tranny(manual) your tranny will feel tighter than when it was new!!!
  12. Yeah, I figured that all the stuff mentioned are a bunch of bull. I have Mobil 1 in my engine. So far, so good. What does Ford use for the tranny. I got it completey flush a couple of days ago. Is the fluid good?
  13. What about fuel additives? I use Chevron w/ Techron fuel treatment everytime I fill up. Every 3K, I use Valvoline Fuel Injector Cleaner. Every 12K, I like to use Valvoline Complete Fuel System Cleaner. So far, so good. Is what I'm doing bad? It seems to be helping because my car doesn't hesitate or anything. I might be changing my plugs soon though. Stock Motorcraft ones are still on the car @ 50K. Engine doesn't idle as good as it was. Thinking of going with some Denso. Thoughts?
  14. I would definately replace spark plugs before using any additives in my car. Are you also running the stock fuel filter?
    Do you have a T/A or chip to be using the 91+ octane or do they all have "techron?"
  15. Most people seem to believe that some sort of fuel injector cleaner is a good thing.

    In fact, I think that all good gasolines have lots of additives in them, such as fuel injector cleaners, etcetera. Chevron gasoline with techron is supposed to be the best, because it has that techron additive.

    Unfortunately, there is not a convenient Chevron near me, so I keep some Chevron fuel injector cleaner, which has techron, in my trunk, and I add about 1/5 of a bottle every time I fill the tank. Then, just before I change the oil, I dump an entire bottle of either Chevron or BG44K into the tank. Sometimes I'll use STP, just for variety, but I've heard Chevron techron and BG44K are the best. BG44K is the same as Chevron techron, but supposedly much more concentrated.

    So far, so good, after 30,000 miles.
  16. If you want the low down on these oil additives, check out this link. Very informative. :nice:

    click here
  17. Snake oil. :notnice: Just get a good synthetic oil (Mobil 1, Amsoil, etc...). I remember those goofy Prolong infomercials. If it's too good to believe then it probably isn't true...
  18. As said, go to a good oil and forget about it. I was using Mobil 1 but was unhappy with the used oil analysis I kept getting back (too much iron in the analysis).....switched to Pennzoil Synthetic 5W20.
  19. I think the oil additives are a waste also.
    I just use regular API approved oil and change it every 3000 miles with the filter.
    I would use full synthetics if the car was going to see some road course action or unusual stress.

    I do think the fuel injector cleaner is worth the $. I proved it works one time but it's a long story.
  20. It's a line of bull. Change you oil/filter every 3,000 miles and you'll never have a problem. Use good quality oil.