Push-button start from Ninosport

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  1. I don't know much about that particular style, I am assuming that the instructions will tell you how to wire it up to work correctly. I have seen this one in my buddy's stang:

    Ford Racing Push Button Start Kit
  2. Same here. Though, judging by the picture, it looks like it only takes 2 wires to hook up. It looks like one splices in and the other one gets run to the fuse box probably. I'm sure instructions are included.
  3. Hmmm the Ford Racing one is interesting as well.

    For anyone interested, here are the instructions: http://www.fordracingparts.com/download/instructionsheets/FordInstShtM-11572-GT.pdf

    Seems like you really have to tear apart the interior to install, although it looks like nothing too serious. You actually don't even NEED to solder, although it highly recommends it. The instructions tell you to cut one of the ignition wires and splice the start button to that to prevent the key from starting the car (although key is still required). Until I actually saw the setup, I can't tell if you have the option of leaving it connected and splicing into the wiring to give you a key-start option.
  4. Thanks for all those links Emay. I'll probably look into the MRT one a bit more.
  5. So with these push button starters, do you still need to push the clutch in on a manual? Just curious.
  6. Yes. The ONLY difference is that you push the button instead of turning the key all the way.
  7. Taking the center console and dash out from around the stereo isn't that difficult.
  8. Bought mine directly from Ford and it went in nicely.Took me about an hour.
    Did not cut the green wire to the key,it works both with the key or the button.
  9. Here's mine ... S200 button.

  10. That looks like a sweet little toy to have. I'm stuck between this and mounting my shift light there.
  11. Id say shift lift. it has a better purpose !
  12. It's pretty cool to have and it sure beats the ugly looking power point cap that was there before.
  13. If you still need your key in the hole to be able to use that button to start... What is the point?

    My mother's lexus has that proximity push button. She can use the button as long as her keyfob is within the correct distance... If we could do this for our stangs... now that would be cool!
  14. oooo, the shift light idea sounds wicked. but would you be able to notice it in time for it to be effective? its kinda off to the side.
  15. I did the FRPP one just last week. It took about one and a half hours start to finish, and is really easy to do. If I had to do it again it would probably take less than 45 minutes! The instructions really are idiot proof!
    It's probably the cheapest mod I've done to date, yet probably one of the ones I like the most.
  16. What's the point? It looks a whole lot better than the stock power button cover and anything else that's out on the market. It also works, it's not a faux button.

    It's possible to wire it up so you don't need the key in the ignition but that'd be kind of dumb wouldn't it? Some guy just busts your window, pushes the button, and off he goes in your pride and joy. :notnice: