Pypes exhaust...good??????

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  1. I had them. They sounded great, especially with an off road pipe. They're quite loud but have a great tone. Some people have had issues with the hangers, but it's an easy fix. Sometimes you just need to flip a stock mount around, othertimes it may take a little bit of "persuasion". Mine fit without any force or other trouble.

    Here's a video of mine with and without cats.
  2. I have their o/r H mid pipe and have been impressed with it.

    Originally just had a Bassani axelback and sounded good but not nearly loud enough. Once I added the o/r H, well let's just say that my wife knows when I'm almost home before I even turn on our street. lol
  3. I'd get them. Good price even if the bids rise a little.
  4. Well i ended up finding some on em for $150, i pt em on and i like the way they sound....but i think it could sound better...any ideas on how? ive heard x pipes r good.....any advice would be great! :D
  5. I would go with an O/R X or H pipe. New headers would not hurt either.
  6. I'd stay away from an x pipe personally. Mine sounded awesome with an o/r H, but it was SUPER loud. If you don't want it THAT loud, try a high-flow catted H, or picking up an o/r H and welding in resonators.
  7. Well let me start by saying I'm an exhaust whore, lol. I've had several setups. I found that the Pypes OR-H pipe I purchased used very thin metal. The UPR X-pipe was a little better and the BBK OR-X pipe I run now is perfect. I found that with the thinner the metal the actual pipe itself is louder and more pingy. I think the heavier pipe has a higher quality sound to it. I now run BBK LT's, Modified BBK OR-X pipe, magnaflow midpipes with stock mufflers and DMH Lo profile cutouts. Sounds nice and it's beastly loud when I want it to be :D

    It seems quiter with the LT's, until you go WOT :jaw:
  8. Go with an O/R H or it will be raspy as **** !
  9. I agree but remember the slightly thinner metal is because it is stainless. The thicker UPR and BBK is aluminized cold steel.
  10. If pypes would use the same style flanges as the BBK I bet you could sell even more product. Other than that your product delivered exactly what is was supposed too.
  11. Just installed the Pypes o/r x pipe with the mid pipe muffler system. It is a very high quality stainless steel system. It is a **** to install, so I recommend a lift. I had to install my own rear hangers because the stock ones wouldn't let the tips line up evenly. It is extremely loud but there is no drone. It is loud enough to get a ticket, so shift at low rpm's if cops are around. I picked up some very noticeable power too. Before the install I had SLP Loudmouths with the stock cats. It had alot of low end torque but now it pull7 real hard through all the way to redline. If you think that your 4.6 3 valve revved fast before, you haven't seen nothin'
    yet! You must get a tune or it will throw a check engine light, also you won't get the true power potential.