quarter window louvres (pics)

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  1. Look what I got my husband for his birthday. No, not the car, just the side louvres, plus I got him the louvres for the rear window, but he hasn't put them on yet.
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    and here's a closer pic:

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  2. Those are really nice. CDC made some C-pillar replacements for the 99-04s and they looked really good too. They were always back-ordered, and I never got a chance to get them. Now I can't find them. The newer cars look really good with them in my opinion.
  3. Can someone please show me a pic of a 96-98 gt with rear quarter window louvres. Or photochop some onto my car in my putfile please.
  4. not a fan, that 05 is :drool: though

    btw those look like 18's on that 05 or are those just lower profile tires?
  5. Can you do it and make the louvres black for me. Thanks
  6. Here's something I threw together. I don't know where I got the pic of the louvers from, or even if they are for a mustang but I thought it looks different. I am not a big fan of louvers but the first mustang (black 99+) looks good!


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  7. Does anyone know how hard it is to swap out the rear quarter window panels on a 94-04? I wanna swap mine out for the Mach I/Bullitt panels and glass sometime.
  8. i have a set of the CL2 1/4 louvers/scoops from Ironman/JMS Products (google that for their site), to go along with a Eleanor theme.

    should be out of paint friday hopefully. each time it gets done they end up finding another small detail they missed and want to respray.
  9. Anthracite bullitt knock off's 17" 18" and 20" available.
  10. na i was askin about the 05, yours looks good to though!
  11. It's an 06, and they are 18's, and stock.
  12. I would not do that if I were you JMS Products took me for over $10,100 and added $6,000 worth of damage. A total of $16,000 Jason Matthew Scordado is a con artist. He has taken a lot more people for a RIDE down destruction lane.
  13. who makes those!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want them!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. holy thread resurrection batman
  15. I think they look good on the PI '99-'04 Stangs, but not so great on SN95 Stangs.
  16. anyone know where to find 1/4 window louvers for 99-04 that just cover the window? All the pics dont work either.