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  1. I'm very much a novice when it comes to diagnosing and fixing transmissions. If possible, I'd like to get some input from you guys about my symptoms.
    I have a 90 Gt with a 347 and Tremec 3550 trans. I bought the car with this set up and it runs fine in other seems to be just an issue with reverse.

    My clutch pedal is very heavy (not sure if it's just a racing clutch or if something needs to be adjusted)
    And my trans doesn't like to go into reverse....many times as I try to shift into reverse I can feel the vibration of the gears spinning and am almost trying to force the lever into reverse.

    I'm not sure if my clutch is overly worn....clutch needs adjusting...shifter needs there something wrong with the trans?
    Anyone have links to articles here or how-tos, that would be great too. Please don't flood this with "you should just get a new trans because that one sucks" kind of comments. I'm looking for input on how to tackle my drivetrain.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. That's actually pretty normal with a 3550. It's an unsynchronized engagement setup on the reverse, and they tend to not want to go into gear, or grind a little bit. It's not a signifigant issue, and most people generally don't gear apart the transmission to fix it. It's just a little worn out most likely. Best thing you can do for it is to put some fresh gear oil in and see if that helps. Synchromesh only in those transmissions.

    There's a good chance they put a heavy clutch in the car. A new clutch cable will help. Other than changing the cable, your only option is to change the clutch out for a lighter one.

  3. putting it in 5th gear first will help you line it up before its in reverse. also slide your left foot under the clutch pedal and lift it as far as the clicks will allow, it will raise the engement near the top so you don't have to press it to the floor to shift. helps in the city and for quick shifting.
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  4. Just learned the 5th gear before reverse and it works great! :nice:
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  5. Excellent. I'll give it a try this weekend. Thanks again
  6. Not to be the tech/talk narc,...but if tech questions are ever gonna be relegated to the tech section,.. offering answers to a tech related question in talk will insure nothing ever changes.
  7. Regulators!!!! .....mount up :rlaugh:
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  8. my clutch info was money :D
  9. Been doing this for years in my t-5.. It's the only way to do it

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