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  1. I've found that neither CC nor BB carries the best stuff available; generally it's just not mass-produced to make the pricing attractive enough for their customers. But I'll give kudos to either: installations are top-notch and they're willing to install other than what they sell. IMO
  2. Im gonna talk to my sisters friends tomorow. He friendly with this one radio shop that does some really good work. Im sure if I gather the stuff they'll put it in. Im sure they'll even sell me most of it.

    btw, my sisters friends car was on display in the javits center car show two years ago at a display for this shop. (they did his system, its really sick).
  3. Yeah, usually your high end equipment is at the "chop shops" as I like to call them. CC and BB normally do better installs because we get rewarded for good customer comments, good installs, and have a full bonus structer set up where the "chop shops" just want your car in and out so they can get the next $$$$ in the door. BUT normally who ever sells you the radio, will install it for free.
  4. i wouldn't be quick to judge "chop shops" as you call them.....they are independent businesses that rely on good reputation and word of mouth to survive. Plus if you want any "real" work done to your car--you're not gonna go to CC or're gonna go with a someone who knows how to do real custom work....any moron with the foresight to order from crutchfield can install a headunit, speakers, and amp......
  5. What exactly is "real" work? Our store has done a lot of custom work over the winter for people getting ready for the upcoming audio season. The reason I call them "chop shops" is because I have yet to see one in my area that does a decent job containing wires and not letting them stray all over under your carpet, under your dash, and any other hidden place. The factory looms their wires and makes their work nice and neat, why shouldn't you?
  6. like i said it's a business based on reputation, and it seems maybe you don't have any reputable shops in your area. Everyone has their own experiences--so far my experiences with BB and CC sales/install, mgt staff havent been the's a subjective matter--i have to admit i like the mgt at CC a lot better than at BB as far as service after the purchase....
    And by real work --I mean custom enclosures, Fiberglass, amp racks, etc. work beyond a simple install. If your CC does that kind of would be the first I've ever heard of....
  7. as it turns out I have a crutchfield catalog layin aound so I read up in it and found a few new pairs of speakers I would consider getting (if I decide to just do it myself)

    and for the rear deck im stuck between these two:
    Theyre pretty much Identical besides some of the materials they use, but I dont know whats better.

    with those 6.5"s being more bass oriented, Id like to put 3.5s in the dash. Would running six speakers require a certain type of h/u?
    thanks alot everyone
  8. Dont waste your money on rockford..Although I have the rockford can get the same quality speaker or better at a better price than what rockfords go for...besides I would never buy rockford used....if someone has them 4 sale used u know they had a system and they used them probly to their fullest...for the money of the rockford go with something else a bit cheaper..unless you have the money for them...the one thing about rockford is the name reconition
  9. In my old foxs I didnt even have rear speakers...put kick panels in the front with components and it will sound great...less money 2 boot..not too many full range speakers sound good anyways
  10. I get your point with all the used stuff. Im def buying all my stuff new now.
  11. anyone have opinions on the h/u and speakers I listed from crutchfield?
  12. Not too familiar with Panasonic h/u's.....If you can swing it maybe spend a few extra bucks and get an alpine or pioneer, kenwood???

    The speakers should be fine.....
    And Sub out puts are different from pre-amps in that they usually are low-passed so that only lower frequencies are going to your amp...and you can usually control the crossover point from the H/U and you can control the level--it's pretty cool feature to have....
  13. wow I seriously thought that was a pioneer h/u. Even though its not the best brand, all the features seem to be just what I need. anyone ever used this?