Questions about Granada swap on a '68.

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  1. Don't throw anything at me yet! Believe me, I searched and searched and searched. What I found was lots of swap info and articles pertaining to '65-66 Mustangs and little info for '67+, most of it being ambiguous or incomplete. I'm asking because I don't have a place to put a torn-apart car while I gather parts. I need to get just about everything in order before I start.

    I have had most of the parts for this swap for several years now; all I need are the brake line fittings/adapters. I have the Granada caliper hoses and a Maverick master cylinder.

    1.) What size adapters do I need to connect the Granada soft lines to my '68's chassis lines?

    2.) What size adapters do I need for connecting my '68's hard lines to the Maverick master cylinder?
  2. Why don't you buy a Granada soft line at a parts house and then buy a 67 Mustang disc brake soft line and have a custom steel braided pair made with the Mustang length, Mustang frame side fiting and Granada caliper side fiting ? You can return the soft lines when yer done since you wont use them.
  3. Because that is a lot more expensive and I already have a new set of Granada soft lines that can't be returned.
  4. I don't know about 67-68, but on my 65 I got a pair of hard line extensions from Mustangs Plus to go from the factory lines to the Granada hoses. They were less than 20 bucks.
  5. Just get these for the soft lines. Adapter lines 13th from the top $24.

    Not sure about the Master. I got a complete kit with all new, much easier and a lot less headache that way. Don't forget about the residual 10lb valve if you have rear drums.
  6. When I did the Granada conversion on my 69 Cougar I needed some adapter bushings to connect the hhard lines to the rubber lines. They were probably a uck apiece. Any good parts store with a Dorman fitting cabinet ought to have these fittings.
  7. Which MC are you actually using ?
  8. Who?

    "Good" is the first hard part, but I know of a couple old timey places that are worth trying. The other hard part is knowing what sizes to get without tearing my car apart before hand.
  9. Just ask the same good shop to bring out the soft line that is already on your car and use that for comparision. All of the shops I frequent are willing to do stuff like that.

    Which MC are you using now and which MC are you swaping to ?

  10. All advanced Auto and Autozone stores have "Dorman" drawer cabinets. Advanced also has the parts carded in the "help" section.
  11. That's another hurdle I have. None of the stores here in Lancaster/Palmdale stock anything(especially not classic Mustang stuff) and the Autozones definitely do not have selections of brake fittings. I am dead serious. They must be better in other states. Even the local brake supply has to order 80% of the stuff they sell. I'll check the Advance Auto here, but I don't recall seeing that stuff.

    Dual reservoir drum/drum is in the car and I have a new Maverick MC to use with the discs.
  12. 65ShelbyClone,

    I found the same problem finding parts I needed in the Antelope Valley since I moved there a year or so ago. Got spoiled living "Down Below".

    There are a couple of "old-school" looking parts stores on Palmdale Bl. but I haven't been to them yet, just a couple of chain stores.

    I can't remember the pipe fitting sizes, but the bushings were like 3/8" male, 1/4" or 5/16" female.

    If you need I can check in Pasadena as I work there.
  13. I'm finally getting ready to do the swap and figured I would reuse this old thread of mine.

    This, as disappointing as it is, still holds true some four+ years later. Correction, a lot of the information is outright contradictory.

    My car is an original V8/power steering model. I put a PS delete adapter on it; the rest is still original. Will the stock tie rod ends fit in Granada spindles? It's another one of those "nobody seems to actually know" questions.
  14. Dood, talk about a threadsurection.....

    From what I understand, the tie rods will fit bit don't directly interchange. I think some companies sell spindle adapters for the tie rods.