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  1. 1 - Does anyone else who owns a GTS find the shifter in general to be further forward then a GT? After driving my buddy's 94 GT, it seemed like I had to lean forward much more to shift in my 95 GTS. (Still doesnt stop me from grabbin a couple when a civic tries to run w/me!)

    2 - my EX decided to kick in my drivers side lamp (the corner with the blinker part) and as such I need to replace it. The part came in today but I live in Mass and if anyone follows the weather it was 8 degrees outside. Is there anyway I can install this without getting under the car?

    So my warning... this is my first post and as such wanted to share in my story. Last may I bought a 95 Mustang for 6 grand with 82000 "highway" miles. The car was supposedly bone stock. The first thing I noticed on the test drive was that there was no way the shifter came from the factory. I finally got the guy to admit it was a pro 5.0., even though this was his "wife's car." Which was fine cause I planned on getting one anyway. As the test drive continues, I find the car has much more pull then any of the previous 5 test drives I went on. (Im 20 and really shopped around before I dropped 6 gs on a car, especially because I'm in college and we all know how cheap that is :) I checked everything I could think of before I bought it, and I drove it home happy I had talked the guy down from 7200. I dynoed it the next day and it had 221 rwhp and 291 lbtq. Well thats kinda wierd from a stock 95 GT, I was thinking like 190 / 270. After closer inspection, the car had been chipped and had 3.27s in the back. And the rear spoiler was put on after, the guy had put it on himself because he thought it looked naked, the car was actually a real GTS. Even though I dont regret my purchase at all, I could have talked him down more I bet and Im also pretty sure that those werent all high way miles!!!
  2. Did ya kick in her eye? Um I don't remember but I think i took mine out of my 94 to set my headlights and I didn't get under it but I might be wrong that was a while ago.

    Your doing better then I am least yours still runs lol. I broke mine it was oos for close to a year then got it fixed drove it for maybe 2 months and screwed a lifter at least I think thats what it is and here in PA its pretty damn cold too so I'm waiting on a garage space to fix it at a friends place
  3. Welcome to the boards! Alot of good guys in here.. Its good to see another member from mass, where in mass you from?

    221 rwhp is a good amount considering you didnt notice any parts. A chip really inst a big deal in the HP department(when the car is near stock atleast) so i wonder where the rest of the power came from. Is the intake mani stock? and what about the exhaust?

    The blinker as two nuts that hold it on.. Its under the black plastic piece that goes over the radiator. Once you get access to the bolts they are fairly easy to undo, then just pull it out, and pop the new one it. You dont have to get under the car. Its pretty simple, should take all of 5 mins.
  4. not sure if the pro 5.0 shifter could possibly make the difference but perhaps this car had an automatic option (which would be wierd for a gts) or wrecked the trans on those "not so highway" miles. then it would be possible to have a pre 94 tranny put in it which would be 5/8 shorter on the input and bell which would put the shifter 5/8 closer to the dash.

    just a thought
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    Black95GTS so don't criticize , I'm from Bosnia and English is my second langue ,my writing is bad , But I speak pretty much
  6. yup.... ^ is a good guy and is learnin quickly :) . ithe shifter is definately an aftermarket cause the gts is a bare v6 with a v8 engine. dunno bout pro 5.0 cause that is a really short throw and you'd notice a massive difference.....from what ive heard. the corner blinker has two bolts you need to take off from inside the engine bay (actually you have to flip one of those lil things above the headlight to the side to get to i think) and then it will pop out. get some clear corners for that sucker. cost me about $25 shipped for a decent set. on the overall part, he has done something more than he says. check everything you can (maf, tb, pulleys (well no real way but ask), and anything else you can think of). most gts' dont come with that much power. he had to of done something with it unless it is a factory freak. my buddy got a 99 gt and has put about $700 of mods in it (no gears...just stock) and is running 12.7's. look a lil more into it and hopefully you can get a great buy outta it. a factory freak is always an awesome purchase cause the less you ahve to do to go fast is a plus :D
  7. HazMat404 what you run on 1/4
  8. havent run it. im sayin im gonna run a high 13. a high high 13. i think if i had a good driver i might be near a 13.7ish. we will see when i hit the track this spring. i cant wait :) plannin on a dyno and tune this spring also with a headswap if i can save well....why ya ask?
  9. yeah I did notice a huge difference in the shifter. It was much shorter then normal and had a much notchier, positive feel to it. Which I like. Some purists here will curcify me, but I think the stock mustang shifter is terrible. If the exhaust wasnt stock before its def not now, I've redone the headers, cats, and mufflers. I don't think there are aftermarket pulleys, everything looks stock and the MAF sensor is 70mm which I believe is standard. There was a K+N filtercharger in there but thats good for 5 hp tops. I'm not gonna argue too much about the extra power but it still has me worried... maybe I should light the guys house on fire.

    Yellow95, I'm from Hudson Mass but I go to school in Worcester.
  10. why would that really worry you?
  11. if you can't tell about the pulleys, just let the car idle after it is warm, and watch the voltage... it should be around the A in NORMAL... otherwise, you have pulleys :)

    -I would expect very low 14s... w/ those numbers, and gears... that sounds right... about a 14.2-14.4 for you I would expect... unless certain things like slicks... were a factor...

    -68mm is stock btw... and the K&N really doesn't do too much, but it is nice for the engine... (just go on ebay and buy a CAI for $40... totally worth it!)

    -good luck w/ the new toy, and post some times as soon as you get them... :nice: