raced a 2000 z28 on video game ;)

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  1. Im really happy well on the way home, on my video game;), I drove past a 2000 z28 and he hit it so I got on it. I was a car past when he hit it but he could not pull on me at all and I think I was 3 or so ahead when he let off. :) Bet he thought he would kill me when I pasted.:) Just feels good cause always got beat before upgrades.:nice: PS it sounded good when I went past so aleast it had exhaust.
  2. nice kill!
  3. :scratch: Are you talking about a video game or in reality?
  4. he's talking about a "video game"
  5. well than who cares. F*&^k q video game. Pointless thread!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. because you drive home in video games :D

    nice kill none the less
  7. nice kill:nice:

    cough.... someboby needs to get there car dyno'ed cough cough........:D
  8. Indeed :)
  9. Are you old enough to drive? My 6 year old niece can make a better complete sentence than this......
  10. The Lokar Dipstick clearly gave the mustang the edge in this fierce battle.
  11. lmao i thought it was the Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta Tires :rlaugh:
  12. Haha you guys are so funny dont be jealous cause you have the cheap plastic dipstick :) You change your heads and see if you can get the old dipstick out and put back without breaking it, than come talk to me!!! I bet you buy some *** 96 dollar tires, BMW uses mine:) Oh modds ill start completing my sentences just for you, so you can read it. Sorry I forgot my english when tooking Calc 1,2,3, analytical methods, dynamics and calc based physics 1,2 on my way to engineering degree.
  13. Stroke your ego much? I'm pretty sure no one cares what we're tooking in school - just expect to speak a common written language.
  14. yeah I like getting stroked so ill make you stroke me when im your boss!! And I was saying english is not my strong point, only scored average on the ACTs and 30 on math and science. O there I go again stroking it :)
  15. You should do a forum search for "what is everybody's profession" and you will see that Ford Mustangs aren't just for Blue Collar folks. For many of us, the Mustang is not a daily driver and your educational credentials are irrelevant in this discussion. You will realize soon enough, when it comes time for job interviews, or for grad school screening (if you are intelligent as you think you are, you will get into a masters program that requires in person screening, not just a submission of a test score), that a personality, as well as the ability to work well on a team and take constructive criticism, is more important and more profitable to a company that someone who thinks that a test they took back in high school is a useful talking point. Maybe you should engineer a way out of your childseat in the back. This way, you can play your videogames in the front seat like a big boy.
  16. Oh please, kid. I have more degrees than a thermometer none of which entitle me to think I'm any better than anyone else. However, none of those degrees being in English or Journalism, I'm still expected to construct coherent sentences when making a thread.
  17. O god please shut the %$#! up if you were smart you would know im being cocky on purpose to piss them off. I like how couple people make stupid idiot comments and I defend myself, and your getting on me wow. O and cobra and not a kid, son :)
    O I guess stark is the idiot that makes such bright comments about peoples cars, and I need to get out of my childseat your really funny douchebag.
  18. You're talking about your high school ACT scores - hence the kid comment. If you act like a prick you're going to get it back, so stop complaining.
  19. I was acting like a prick in the reaction of being treated like a prick but Im done with this, its much better getting info from people and giving info than arguing. I know you have helped me a few times in the past. Full-time school and 30 hours a week working has got me stressed the #@$! OUT. My bad!! Stark started it :) That was a joke.
  20. I was just a little excited about racing the z-28, I dont know its nice to see what your car can do when you put so much time into it thats all I was trying to say. Especially when they used to **** on me before. O I strive to have a beast of a car like stark holy crap.