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  1. greetings again all, this time I wanted some information about adding full body stripes to my stang. I've seen them for roughly $200-300 and think that's kinda steep for 'tape'. I found some for around $60 and wanted to know if there was any difference.

    Painting is not an option, so I don't want to go there.

    If anyone has had experience with this, I would appreciate any assistance.

    Thank you.
  2. When it comes to vinyl... you get what you pay for. Look for 3M 5 year vinyl when shopping stripes. Baltimore Street Mods uses 3M and has excellent customer service.
  3. I paid right around $300 for mine and I've had them for 3-4years. They still look just as good as when i put them on.
  4. Jersey Auto Parts sells the high quality 7 year vinyl stripes. There price is great, i got mine for 114.99 with free shipping. I have the matte black on my i would never trust 60 dollar vinyl lol

    Heres the link.

    Jersey Auto Parts - Mustang Stripes
  5. Thanks for the link Yomo, great site. Nice to see another Jersey person here!!

  6. yeah man no problem, i am helping them sell some sets, their quality is top notch however there not as well known as most other online stores.
  7. you should pay $700.
    go to a sign artist shop and have them do it right. they will cost you $700 for the stripes and the install. it will look great and be the best $700 you ever spent. :)
  8. stripes

    for $700 I'll go to NJ and install them for you...let me know
  9. If I ever do some stripes I will be doing something like ghost stripes with maybe just some clear with metallic in it but very little and the stripes will be wide. :)

  10. I have the $75 vinyl stripes on my car. They look great, installed them myself. Personally Iwant to change colors every 3 or 4 years. They came with a 5 year guarantee I think which is plenty. Went gloss black this time, will do royal blue next time. Anything you can do yourself is best in my opinion. But I prefer to work on my car, it de-stresses me.