Ranger axles, ok to get from 4x4?

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  1. I got one ranger axle from a RWD ranger, and older one no idea on the year, and I am in the middle of pulling one out of a 4x4 ranger, but i notcied it has posi, can I still use the drivers side axle from it? all I have to take out the wrist pin....
  2. yup, you got it. Just get two long ranger axles (or broncoII, aerostar) Don't forget the drums, and some aerostars had an 8.8 and are longer.
  3. They have to be from a 7.5 right? So I CAN use the drivers side axle from a 4x4 ranger? I'm using these with cadillac calipers so I don't need drums :)
  4. i know i can use aerostar axles, but i found a ranger with no wheels on top of another car, so it's easy to get at the axle, i am just having problems getting the bolt that holds the wrist pin in out of the rear.....every 5/16" socket i try seems to round the bolt :(
  5. the axles are 29 1/4" i think sound about right? (my mesaurement is not accurate) i measured from the outside edge of the hub to the end of the axle, it's definately past 29" but not by much
  6. As long as it is not a 4.0. I think those had a different set up.
  7. I think both had 2.9L engines, the RWD one did I think, the 4x4 I don't know, but they are both the same size....

  8. You should be cool then.
  9. At the bottom of this thread I saw a similar post, so I went to it, and I found this


  10. First be sure to use 6 point sockets or box end wrenches. A 12 point will round that bolt for sure. Also get some good quality units. Sometimes you can use a Metric instead and that fits tigther if you start to round off the bolt.

    last thing, lefty loosy, righty tighty. Basically push it down!
  11. I already got them out, I used 1/4" boxed wrench, on a screwdriver style bit some heat and a hammer, worked very well, i couldn't fit a ratchet with a socket in there...
  12. I installed mine, and they are in for now. But I feel that they have too much end play. I am thinking of getting c clip eliminators. I don't need to spend that money, but I hate to lose an axle.
  13. I can run new 03 cobra wheels with the axles right?
  14. most SN95 5-lug wheels will fit......including the 03 Cobras
  15. okay awesome, How much did you spend on the axles? I just got FREE rotors, hubs, and everything minus the spindles off a 99 v6 car for the front..eh better then the fox brakes i guess, so now im pushin the 5 lug idea alot more