re-installing transmissions

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  1. ok thanks for the help guys, I just have to wait till Monday to get some tranny fluid, and seal, the whole world closes on Sunday! Then Ill give it another shot. As for any damage I just finger tightened the bolts and tries jiggling it, then I decided that wasnt a good idea, so I should be good 2 go.

  2. how many quarts of tranny fluid do I put in the torque converter? Somewhere around 3-4 is what I heard.

  3. There's no need to fill the torque converter before installing it in the trans case. You can top off the trans once it is installed in the vehicle, the torque converter will get the needed fluid. The C4 fill capacity is eight quarts. Put in six quarts until the motor has reached operating temp and than fill the trans to the full mark a little at a time. Do not overfill.

  4. Damn, Led, I'm taking you off my ignore list.

  5. According to my 1980 Motor manual the II C4 takes 7.25 quarts*. I'm assuming that's for a complete drain, that is, you removed the plug from the converter. Pulling a filled converter from the trans dumps a bunch of fluid but by no means does it drain it completely. I don't know how it could be completely drained without pulling the drain plug.

    * Interesting, the smaller C3 uses 8 quarts.

  6. You get a gold star for the day. Your right, it isn't a good idea, fact, forcing these things is a very, very bad idea.

    25:1 you didn't damage the pump. Odds are probably more in your favor.

    You'll still want to replace the seal, should do that anyhow.

    Many years ago I went over to a GM dealership on a saturday to help a girl friends brother replace her Nissan Sentras clutch. I got there late (I kept her up late working up enough exhaustion to go to sleep :rolleyes: ).

    He was bolting the bell when I got there. Couldn't get it to seat correctly, my trying to fit in and not ruffle feathers I didn't quiz him.

    I was taking the breath to ask him to lower the car or get a ladder so I could crawl in and hit the pedal to release the disk when he slapped his air ratchet on the bolts and ran them home. It was a mind twist, it was a horror, it was one of those things where I couldn't scream for him to stop.

    He was a ASE and GM certified mechanic

    Geez, I wonder why the clutch made noise and there was a vibration in the pedal.?

    So when you wrote "I tried tightening the bolts and it was almost on" you can imagine what was going through my mind. Finger or breaker bar tight?

    What I wrote about the Ex GFs brother? That was about the last time I kept my mouth shut.
  7. If you put a empty TC on the trans. how does the fluid get into it to fill it?

  8. From the pump.
  9. Ok its all over with... finaly! Although I dont know why im so happy since I have a bare body that needs to become a car again before I can even hear it fire up again :(
    in due time I suppose. Thanks a bundle for the help guys, hopefully I can get some video of it on here, running and such.