Suspension Rear End Sits Too Low //help

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  1. picked up new stang .. has sway bar and eibach pro springs inthe back... problem is it sits about 3 inches lower than the front.. (dragging azz) front looks stock hieght... whats the problem here?? cut springs? couldnt get a straight answer from seller
  2. Pictures would help. Sounds like you need new springs or adjustable rear lower control arms to jack it up.
  3. Thank you for the reply..hope these help CAM00272.jpg CAM00274.jpg CAM00275.jpg CAM00273.jpg
  4. Its your lower control arm. The shackle that's in there isn't supposed to be. Looks like maybe a cheapo lowering kit. If you disconnect the LCA, remove the shackle, then re-bolt up your LCA to the bottom of the axle where the shackle is now. I can't see the original shock mount in your pics.I'm not sure if its a bolt on part or someone cut it off.

    I took a pic of mine.

    Edit: shock mount is a bolt on. I can see it in my pic. You are going to be missing those. Maybe a junkyard part?
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  5. Maybe someone wanted the car to look like it was always about to do a wheelie? :D

    Or your LCAs may be wrong and that's some kind of adapter. I'm not really sure why someone did that.
  6. The problem is you have lowering springs in the back and none in the front.
  7. Maybe if I look at pictures first, I'll see the issue at hand lol. That shackle thing is definitely causing it to sit super low
  8. Dude, look at the blue bracket bolted to the red LCA and shock. That bracket isn't supposed to be there. By the looks of it, that bracket is lowering the rear by 2.5 to 3" just from the bracket.
  9. I don't know if your pinion angle is right with those brackets either. By the looks of the brackets, a hard bump could change the angle.

    Somethings fishy though. Maybe its the wrong axle, or lower control arms and someone tried to make it work?

    Try and go back to stock first. If you can't put it back to stock. The things don't fit together right. The issue may be the wrong parts for the application. You may get lucky though. Try.
  10. You need to remove those make shift lower control arm relocation brackets. That will not only make the car safer to drive but raise your car back up.
  11. ya, wtf are those things? :eek:
  12. Those brackets significantly increase traction, though they should be welded to ensure they don't rotate. I have a set from Steeda on my 89, and then I custom fabricated a second set to lower the pick up point even further. They work great. I then had to add a spring spacer under the rear springs to get the car to set level.
  13. looks like a half arsed way to do things to me
  14. They look like a half baked attempt at mimicking the old SSM lift bars. I'd get those off my car now and get the traction the proper way, with a good set of LCA.
  15. Back in the day, some big name sold real versions of these brackets to help anti dive and wheel hop. Then quad shocks came along and they were no longer available. I think they were much taller along the side and especially the back. I bet it prevented the brackets from rotating. These look like an alignment issue waiting to happen then a disaster when the back end steers for you.:
  16. I thought it was wierd also but never seen it before..So the 2-3" drop with this shackle plus some 2" drop from springs!! Ofcourse. Looks like i need to get rid of the bracket but cut the tab off to weld on for the shock.
  17. Definitely failed attempt at some SSM Lift bars, lmao!!!

  18. You can cut off and weld them if you want. The originals are bolt on, and you should still have the mounting for it on the axle. Its up to you but why do the work if you don't have to. You could probably snag some cheap from a pick-a-part.